September 1, 2009

my lil trip to portland:

portland driving

I just got back from Oregon.  I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE it up there.  I’m get nostalgic for Oregon as I went to college there waaaay back when.

I met up with a dear friend in Portland before my visit to Eugene and we had a lil food & shopping adventure!

We went to Pine State Biscuits!  I’ve been wanting to go FOREVER.

pine state!

I got a biscuit with mushroom gravy & a side of sausage.

biscuits with mushroom gravy & sausage

We split a side of fried green tomatoes with a dill dipping sauce!

fried green tomatoes

We went to the Ace hotel later in the day & got some drinks & take pics in the photobooth

hi from the ace hotel

I got a Thyme Iced Tea that was fabulous!

thyme iced tea @ stumptown

I spied an AWESOME arrangement in their lobby!

love the tablescape

We went shopping and I saw some cool stuff inside & outside stores:

hello ostrich

a nice color story

at anthro

love those pillows

mix up

complimentary colors

of interest

We had a fabulous dinner @ ClarkLewis.  Just the girls!

clark lewis for dinner!

our view while waiting for our table


veridian bean salad

jessica's burger!

pasta with sausage & peppers

peach brulee

the bar

It was tasty!!!

And I got to spend some time with my little monkeyboo, Claire.

sunny claire

Isn’t she darling?

Look at those flip flops!


EEEK!  the cuteness
who is cute? you are claire!

Thank you Jessica for our fun day!  What a blast!

  • kristi

    Wow that food looks amazing.

  • Kylie

    Yay for Portland! I love the Ace Hotel. When I went there, I tried the thyme iced tea, too! Wasn’t it AMAZING?!?! Ahhh anyway, next time I’ll have to try Pine State and Clark Lewis. Looks like you had a great time 🙂

  • maggie

    Ooohh, Is Pine State the place the 3 college friends [young guys] started? If so, I saw them on Food Network and I am so jealous 🙂

  • lisa

    Awesome advice, I agree about packing light. I have found that you wear two to three items of clothing constantly so stick to them and keep room for all those treasures you will bring home along the way. I prefer an aisle seat instead of a window on long haul flights. Good luck traveling all.

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