August 2, 2019


I LOVE LISTS // a collection of links from the 'net on Shutterbean.com


  1. Imagine finding something your Mom wrote to you one day. WOW
  2. This is probably why my Mom was so happy.
  3. For all of you synth lovers.
  4. The Impossible Burger Whopper comes out next week.
  5. Tosca Cafe is closed for a bit.
  6. Hotel rooms from the 50s + 60s
  7. Self-care is a discipline. Amen.
  8. How Quentin Tarantino steals from other movies.
  9. SPARKLES!!!!
  10. The blue border is that time between day and night.
  11. We need to make a When I Die File ASAP.
  12. Dresses for Leo Ladies: one / two / three / four / five
  13. Why having a sister is beneficial to your mental health. (RYAN!)
  14. Umm. There’s a Trader Joe’s YouTube channel???!
  15. What’s the point of an IRL Amazon Grocery Store?
  16. Funny sibling portraits. We have a few in my family.
  17. Apparently, they know that I’m a Leo on Buzzfeed.
  18. I had no idea so many Pringles flavors exist!
  19. Oatly is one of my favorite milks right now.
  20. To make: small-batch Lofthouse cookies / easy french toast
  21. 1 in 4 food delivery drivers admit to eating your food.
  22. Did you check out my Carry-On Essentials??!

My Everyday Life: Week 29 on Shutterbean.com

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My Everyday Life: Week 30 on Shutterbean.com

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  • Scarlett

    YESSSSS IT IS LEO SEASON. It is our time!! I am loving those dresses. Especially the Mixin’ it Up Maxi from Free People. I waffle daily between wanting to be an ethereal free sprited flower child who wears gauzy flowy dresses like that and needing to have everything put together all of the time, haha.

  • Julie

    Loved your carryon essentials post! Why is it so fun to pack a plane bag? I feel like I’m packing one for a kid to have as much fun on the flight as possible, but I’m the kid! Haha. Thanks for your continuing joyful inspiration.

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