Corn Fritters

drizzle of agave syrup


Three years ago, I spied this recipe in an issue of a  Rachael Ray magazine

Dick Clark’s Corn Fritters.

dick clarks corn fritters

Whoa!  He made them for his family every year on NYE before he went to the Times-Square Studio.

Isn’t that super sweet and cute?

Look at that little dish of butter there!  How could you not want to make them??

2007 Tracy saw these and fell in love but was too busy figuring out how to balance work life and decorating a new home  to make  these.

2008 Tracy wanted these super bad but blamed pregnant laziness & the new role of a baby-brained wacky mom for not making them.

2009 Tracy wanted them EVEN more but decided that keeping the baby weight off was a good thing and still dreamed about them…a lot.

2010 Tracy said to herself, GET UP OFF YOUR ASS AND FINALLY MAKE THESE.  So that’s what 2010 Tracy did.

This recipe has been sitting in a pile on my nightstand for ages!

Last Monday I decided to treat myself with a little batch.


But I have to warn you. When I tasted the first one off the griddle, I got worried. “Oh shit! Were these what I was lusting soo hard over????”  They didn’t seem like what I had anticipated.  Cue the butter.  THE BUTTER!  THE BUTTER IS WHAT MAKES THESE 1000 times better.  And then I added a little agave syrup cuz I am a glutton!  I am 10 lbs. less than pre-pregnancy weight and Momma would like a little trophy for that achievement in butter form!  Thank you very much!

So yes- these are lovely.  Buttery, sweet and with the addition of melted salted butter-unearthly! I can see why they are a tradition in the Clark family. A very cute, sweet, simple tradition.  And yes, it should probably happen once a year because my arteries simply cannot handle it.

Don’t let the word fritter scare you.  They are just simple corn pancakes.  🙂

Let’s start with your ingredients.  Get them ready!


Mix the corn with the creamed corn.

corn meets creamed corn

Mix in the dry ingredients.

making batter

Get those babies on a lubed skillet and fry them up!

on the griddle

And slowly…dip each bite into a small pool of butter.

Oh holy YUM.

Dick Clark’s Corn Fritters

makes 8-10

  • 1 15oz. can creamed corn
  • 4 large eggs
  • 1 cup frozen corn, thawed
  • 2 tablespoons sugar
  • salt & pepper
  • 1/2 cup flour
  • cooking spray
  • salted butter, melted for serving.

1. In a medium bowl, combine the creamed corn, eggs, frozen corn and sugar. Season with salt & pepper. Sprinkle in the flour gradually, whisking constantly to avoid lumps, until just combined.

2. Spray a large non stick skillet with cooking spray. Drop tablespoonfuls of the corn mixture into the pan to form small pancakes. Cook until lightly browned on both sides, about 2 minutes per side. Serve with the melted butter.

  • anna

    holy beegezus…i need to whip these up one day when i get on off my ass, too!! then again i did whip up popovers 2 days in a row

  • erinlucy

    i love the IDEA of corn fritters but i think i would be disappointed that they aren’t sweet (the way you can’t help but expect a fritter to be) plus i’m not a big fan of corn, so i guess corn fritters and i were not meant to be! your pictures look great though!

  • erin e woot

    I’m schalivating— scheriouschleeee!!!!

  • jessica

    oh lordy pie! i love 2010 Tracy!

  • Michelle

    Oh, I love Dick Clark! I think that’s such a nice story about him. I wanna make some just because of that.
    You crack me up. It’s about time you tried them! I’ve never had a recipe on hold for years before. I’m very glad they tasted wonderful and were worth the wait.

  • Lonnie

    You should win an award for the writing of this post.
    So cute and clever.

    These do sound sooooo good.

  • maija

    This cracked me up: “I am 10 lbs. less than pre-pregnancy weight and Momma would like a little trophy for that achievement in butter form!”. Ha, I would love a butter trophy, too, awesome!

    I had never had creamed corn until college – it was introduced to me by a roommate, of course (I love the meshing of different family traditions that everyone brings with them to college). It’s something I really don’t ever eat now, but I do use it in my cornbread (it was the first recipe I put on my blog!). It helps add moisture to the bread, so I can see how it would work in fritters.

    I think I made some version of a corn fritter with fresh corn last summer — it was this recipe: It was pretty tasty, but kind of fiddly for a weeknight dinner (starting with fresh corn added the extra step of scraping off the corn, etc). And, I love the buttery topping of your version!

  • maija

    P.S. Here’s my cornbread recipe (with creamed corn!), you want to try it. You can vary the sugar to make it as sweet as you’d like:

  • Alexis

    Interesting…I’ve never seen corn fritters made like this. In Florida they’re served in small fried balls with powdered sugar on top (the sugar is a must!).

    • Tracy

      Yum! Are those called hushpuppies? That’s how I’ve always had corn fritters too- these are more of corn pancakes, but if Dick Clark calls them fritters, then I’m not gonna say different 🙂

  • Marci

    This is our FAVORITE corn fritter recipe! I was digging thru all my Rachael Ray magazines and could not find this recipe. Thank you so much for posting it!! I use our electric griddle instead of a skillet so I can make more of them at a time. We gobble them! -Marci

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