April 24, 2017

Intentions for the Week

Intentions for the Week- April 24, 2017 Shutterbean.com

Hello hello! I’m currently in New Orleans visiting my maj Joy. We’ve been having a great time. There was a road trip from Nashville to New Orleans thrown in the mix and I’ve met a few cats along the way!!!!

As I write this, I know I have a bunch of things to do when I get home (trying not to stress out about it).  I’m not at home so I can’t sit here on my laptop and stare at my house and figure out what to do. So, I am going to wing it and try to figure out what my week will be like when I get back tomorrow.

Intentions for this week:

  • get home safely from trip to Nashville/New Orleans
  • laundry (always)
  • unpack suitcase
  • yoga x 2
  • trip to the nursery
  • water plants
  • work on garden/trip to nursery
  • send out letters
  • art class on Friday
  • make a recipe
  • write a Currently post for April
  • draw a spread for April in my journal
  • baseball games x 2
  • finish vision board
  • catch up on emails
  • clean out the fridge
  • post pancake recipe
  • drop off library books
  • get packaging supplies for prints
  • continue working on

Last Week’s Intentions

  • hang out with family
  • ask my parents as many questions as possible (I tried! there are so many!)
  • write in journal/continue the #100daysmusiclyrics project
  • post penne recipe
  • unpack car from road trip
  • water plants
  • research plants for the front yard (worked on my pinterest board!)
  • finish vision board (almost done!)
  • grocery shopping
  • deal with RX/health insurance (UGGGH)
  • return library books (I FORGOT)
  • figure out what to do with old clothes (they are in the garage now so that’s something)
  • catch up on writing letters
  • post items on etsy/think of better name (gotta get that done!!)
  • get caught up on social media 
  • make some good food for boys to eat while I’m gone
  • work on two recipes 
  • exercise/go for a long walk or 2  (went on 1)
  • pack for Nashville trip (going to visit Joy!)
  • find white denim jacket (thrifted a white sweater!)
  • straighten up house
  • deep clean kitchen

WHAT ABOUT YOU??? What are you up to this week? Share your intentions in the comments! 

  • D

    Do you still shoot for One Potato? Just wondering, since I feel like I haven’t seen you reference it in a while. Anyway, hope you have a great trip!

    • Tracy

      I haven’t shot in awhile since we completed all of their base recipes (over 100 of them!). I think they might have another round soon which means new recipes for their customers!

  • Erica

    Work on my book for 2 hours/day during the work week.

  • Ashley English

    Have you ever tried Thred Up? It’s great for unloading unwanted clothes onto, and, conversely, for purchasing like-new clothes from. I’ve used it for years and love it. Just a thought for something to do with those old clothes! ❤️

    • Jennie

      Yes yes yes yes yes yes, ThredUp. You don’t make a ton of credit, but it’s more than nothing. And they promise nothing goes to a landfill, even if they don’t take all of your items.

  • Jamie

    Let’s see, last week I actually did meditate twice (out of a goal of 7 times, but at least it’s something!), and yoga once, so that’s better than previous weeks!

    This week:

    Final semi-dress rehearsal for dance performance next weekend.
    Also finalize housing in Florida
    First run on packing list for Nashville/Florida trip.
    Yoga x2
    Meditate x5
    Finish sewing coin bra.
    #100daysofplayingwithpaper projects (note to self – have more fun with this!!!)
    Get home and work organized for my absence next week.

    That’s about all I can handle this time. = )

  • Jane M

    Aqua Aerobics 5x this week to make the most visits to the gym in a month
    Go to Awards dinner with our son
    Celebrate our son’s birthday
    Celebrate our daughter’s birthday
    Every day clean a different part of the house
    Laundry Laundry Laundry
    Cook Cook Cook
    Plan a party/old fashioned BBQ
    Help neighbors

  • danielle

    What kinds of questions are you asking your parents?

  • Jennie

    REschedule Dr’s appt. (oof)
    Do some boring clerical stuff I need to do to update info on my pension (zzzz)
    Order photo albums of my son’s first year (finally, something fun!)
    Draft a meeting agenda for next week
    Get one more bag filled to take to the thrift store

    • Tracy

      I forgot that I need to make my doctor’s appts. too! Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  • Sina

    I’m following this “Intentions for the week”-posts for some time now and it’s really inspiring! So, here are mine for this week:
    – deep clean dishwasher and washing machine
    – laundry (constantly…)
    – go on with inventory of every room – what needs to be done/changed/repaired/improved
    – meal plan for the week
    – grocery shopping
    – update and synchronize calendars
    – work: finish translation; view new files; get back to client and plan next steps
    – buy Leuchtturm-notebook (thanks for the inspiration!)
    – birthday presents for L. and M.
    – birthday cards for J. and M.

  • Michelle

    I have to say, this series has been life changing for me. I have accomplished so much more over the last few weeks making my intentions list each Monday. Thank you for the inspiration and motivation!

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