June 28, 2024


I LOVE LISTS/ tracy benjamin Shutterbean.com


  1. Here’s a hit of 90s nostalgia.
  2. How to sunproof your home. 
  3. What to do with leftover hot dog buns.
  4. This vintage picnic set is amazing. 
  5. I have been researching leather waist bags.
  6. Does alcohol go bad?
  7. Blue Monday on vintage Casio instruments.
  8. Most tipped employees just want a higher salary.
  9. Don’t shoot your neighbor’s drone.
  10. Speaking of, here are some amazing drone shots.
  11. Remember when we all used to say Eat My Shorts?
  12. World religions explained.
  13. Essential things to do in your garden this summer.
  14. Towel animals are becoming a thing.
  15. Photos of Jupiter are pretty.
  16. Let’s look at inspiring color photography.
  17. Taste-testing hot dogs sound fun.
  18. The story behind the recycling logo. 
  19. Weekend baking: GF Popovers with Roasted Strawberries
  20. Weekend project: fun with bleach! 

I’m teaching a binder class next month! We will be building two binders together based on my meal prep/plan pack & my time management system. Let’s get you organized this summer! 

Build a Binder Workshop- Tracy Benjamin
Building a Binder System- with Tracy Benjamin of The Handwriting Club & Shutterbean

Join me next month for an engaging ZOOM workshop where I’ll share my unique approach to organizing binders for both Food & Time Management!

Build a Binder with me!! Saturday July 20 10AM-12PM

(Both my time management & meal prep pdfs will be included and taught in this workshop. Download at checkout! )


 On this week’s Keep Grief Weird episode, we talk about the impact of music & grief. Music helps us grieve! I share the playlist I made to help me keep my Mom close by on our Substack! 

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