Interview @ B R U N C H!

action shot!

Happy Thursday, Friends!

Wanna know why I’m obsessed with food? What inspires me? My tips on food blogging? What I love for Brunch?

You can eavesdrop on the conversation I had with my dear friend Christine. She’s got a new blog — Brunch!

I’m pretty sure you’re gonna love her new space. I must tell you it’s soo dreamy for a graphic design admirer like myself!

Please check it out!

And a big thanks to Whitney for taking my action shots!

Here I am working our the Scrambled Egg Turnovers!!

  • Vanessa

    what a fun interview. and I really like the Brunch blog- thanks for introducing me to a great new site.

  • Nicole

    Loved the interview. I would also like to meet that crazy Bill Murray. Did you see that GQ interview with him? FANTASTIC.

    • Tracy

      YES I DID!!! which just made me wanna meet him even more! I was reading Michael Cera’s latest interview in Rolling Stone about not wanting to meet him because- he either likes your he doesn’t. He doesn’t want him to not like him—therefore he will never meet him. Made me chuckle.

  • Joy

    Love the interview! And omg…you love sausage with maple syrup. Super. 😀

    And holy sh*t, you know Christine. She’s been a blogging inspiration for a long time, plus, her husband drew the about photo on my site. 🙂

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