Easter Weekend 2011

at the hiller aviation museum

Our Easter was a bit different this year. My family was out of town, so we had a very low key Easter at home, just the three of us. On Saturday we took Cooper to the Hiller Aviation Museum to see the Easter Bunny arrive by helicopter!

my boyz

Wow! What an entrance! Also-what is that lady doing with her hands?

here comes the easter bunny!

When the Easter Bunny got off of the chopper, the crowd swarmed around him as if he was Robert Pattinson!

easter bunny comes out of a copter

Cooper got to see some trains while we were there. He liked them much better than the airplanes. Go figure.

loved the trains best

I witnessed a car accident. It was totally her fault. Texting while driving again.

i witnessed a car crash

Then I fell in love with some airplane seats! I wish I could have taken a few home….

these seats were awesome!

On our way out Cooper put up a good fight for this little toy airplane. Hiller Museum, thanks for making the entrance/exit to the museum through the gift shop! I know your game.

Cooper asked if we could go to the haircut place. He really just likes playing with the trains there.

won't you cut my hair???

So we took him for a trim. This time he was EXCELLENT!! He actually sat on the chair! All it took was a lollipop.

all it took was a lollipop

We went out to lunch and Cooper carried that little airplane ALL day long. It went in the bath tub & he slept with it!

fresh cut & plane

We started Easter day with Orange Poppy Scones! I busted out a few from the freezer and baked them at 350F for about 10-15 minutes. They were delicious!

butter on one side apricot jam on the other

This morning Casey & I hid plastic eggs in our backyard at the crack of dawn. It was soo much fun!

easter egg hunt!

Cooper couldn’t wait to get outside and collect the eggs.

on the move

He ran back and forth to his basket.

got one!!

And begged us to open each one.

open dis dada

Last night I filled each egg up with either a ball, rubber frog or a monster finger puppets (all in the party section of Target).

inside the eggs

He kept calling the finger puppets “dragons.”

he called these dragons

And had a FIT whenever we put them on our fingers! Haha!


We hid the eggs all over again because Cooper wanted another round!

cooper's loot

Then we dyed some hard boiled eggs. I only had 5 in the fridge, but that’s all we needed!

getting ready

Cooper thought we were painting!

egg dippin

I LOVED how they turned out! Brown eggs make for a much deeper/richer colored egg!

our eggs!

If you haven’t already noticed, I’m not a big fan of pastel colors.

i like how dark they are

Casey wanted deviled eggs, so he made some. I helped out a little but it was all him. He loves them. I do not.

making deviled eggs

Nope. No mayo up in there. Just Greek yogurt with a whole LOT of secret ingredients.

casey's deviled eggs

We played in the backyard and went for a long scenic drive after nap time. When we came home, I made a delicious Easter dinner for the three of us. We had grilled chicken, roasted potatoes & asparagus. It got me super excited for grill season!

easter dinner

So that was our Easter weekend. Now I’m off to crunch up some malted robin’s eggs over some Vanilla Bean gelato & watch a movie.

Happy Easter!

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