Girls Weekend!

This past weekend, one of my best friends flew down from Portland, Oregon for a visit. The second Jessica got off the plane, we figured out our food plans for the next few days. Our get-togethers always revolve around food, which is why I love her so much! We are really good eating buddies.

We went to  Bucca di Beppo in Palo Alto with Mr. Cooper right after I picked her up from the airport. They have crayons & bread–Cooper’s favorite things. We ordered a chopped antipasto salad *YUM!* and a yummy pizza. Cooper got some spaghetti & meatballs. It was quick, easy & super kid- friendly.

We took Cooper for a little walk….across the street…

And went to my very favorite local yogurt place, Fraiche.

I always get a soy yogurt with toasted walnuts and a scoop of their olallaberry jam.

Jessica got olallaberry & kiwi on hers! We plowed through them pretty fast!

I made dinner for us on Friday night. We had grilled steaks, a mixed green salad with roasted beets, apples & oranges and a side of chipotle sweet potato fries. Casey supplied the wine. Twas good!

We settled in on my couch and watched the movie Catfish. Have you seen it? It’s CRAZY. We also caught the first episode of Portlandia (hilarious). While we were viewing, we snacked on my favorite cookie from Whole Foods, the Almond Horn! And of course…there was more wine.

Next morning we worked out at the Bar Method…It totally kicked my butt!

It was such a beautiful day! The sun was shining and Jessica bought me a beautiful white orchid to add to my collection! I love looking at all of them when I’m washing dishes.

For brunch, I made us brown butter biscuits, andouille sausage with sauteed spinach and fried eggs. This filled us up until dinner. It was the perfect fuel for afternoon shopping!

Later that night, we went out to dinner at Reposado in Palo Alto with our good friend, Amanda.

It took us a long time to get seated (even though we had reservations!) but it was worth the wait.

We ordered cocktails, and scarfed down the most EXCELLENT guacamole.

I was so excited that my picture got blurred! Damn camera phones!

They make a pretty fab sangria. You can hardly taste the alcohol (dangerous).

I ordered a cocktail called the Pepino!

Hendrick’s gin muddled with cucumber and a splash of cranberry juice. Amazing.

Here’s my taco plate! 4 tacos= Shrimp, Chicken, Carnitas & Steak.

We came home and stayed up REALLY late talking. Slumber party!!

The next morning, I had a Polenta Party for the four of us.

Pomegranate seeds &  St. Benoit’s Honey yogurt were new additions to the mix!

We went to a matinee and  saw Blue Valentine (so good and so depressing!)

And then we went out for coffee & treats.

I really enjoyed my girl’s weekend—especially because it revolved around eating! I do however, miss my girls FIERCELY!! I can’t wait until our next visit! Now I’m off to check out flights to Portland…

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