October 28, 2011

I Love Lists Friday!

  1. Back to the Future -this is totally RAD via Irina Werning.
  2. I looooove Victoria’s take on a Modern Autumn via Sfgirlbybay.
  3. How to Find a Wall Stud -A stud finder isn’t just an instrument I chase my husband around the house with! via Making it Lovely.
  4. Fall looks so good on you! I always love Rachel’s home decor via Smile and Wave.
  5. I wouldn’t mind being pied in the face with this Apple Cider Cream Pie! via Lottie & Doof.
  6. I love this DIY Pine Cone Garland. Hello Christmas mantle idea! via Cake.
  7. Little Letters by Sheena- they always make me smile so big! via little red house.
  8. Embroidery Thread Portraits (yay Jen!) via Simply Photo for MSL.
  9. I could seriously eat a whole loaf of this Apple Cheddar Quick Bread via Everybody Likes Sandwiches.
  10. Living in the Royal Tenenbaums– OMG. Fun stuff from my favorite movie! via Design Sponge.
  11. There’s a new Joy the Baker Podcast for your ears!!!  20 questions!

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