August 13, 2018

Intentions for the Week:


Looking to get your head in the game? Tracy from Shutterbean makes a weekly TO DO LIST called her Intentions for the Week. Here's what this week looks like:

Happy Monday, friends!

This weekend we worked around the house. We went to a dinner party. We cleaned. We lounged. We watched The Great Outdoors. Remember that movie?

I made banana bread and Mediterranean Pasta Salad for my friends.  I’m on a bartering plan right now. My friend did a ton of artwork scanning for me and I am repaying her with homemade food.  We need more of this in our lives, don’t you think? You never know how you can help someone out unless you ask for help yourself!

My Everyday Life: Week 32 on Shutterbean.com

This is the last week have before school starts and my family is taking a break from life and heading up north to Tahoe. This will be our first holiday up in Tahoe without my Mom. It’s also going to be my first birthday without her presence. It’s going to be heavy for a bit, but I’m focusing on the good and building some good Intentions for the Week.

Intentions for the Week:

  • spend quality time with my family
  • do very little laundry
  • read a book
  • happy hour with cheeseboards + spirits
  • put my feet in a lake
  • have an ice cream cone at Dairy Queen
  • play board games with family
  • celebrate my birthday!
  • go into Reno, get my fortune at Circus Circus
  • send a few postcards
  • take pictures
  • spend time writing
  • spend time daydreaming
  • write down my Intentions for the School Year
  • be kind to myself as it’s my first birthday/Tahoe trip with my Mom
  • map out calendar for new bullet journal
  • go on a boat
  • put my feet in sand
  • put on a bathing suit and swim
  • have a coffee date with my dad
  • figure out if there’s anything left to do on my Summer Bucket List
  • get my steps in with my Fitbit
  • drink plenty of water (loving this water bottle rn)

Last Week’s Intentions:

  • laundry
  • have a date with my calendar
  • workout 3 times
  • take photos for etsy/edit/post
  • drop off donations at Salvation Army
  • send mail / trip to post office
  • make kombucha
  • bookkeeping
  • catch up on social media
  • work on new content for the blog
  • grocery shopping
  • favorite pens post- finish/post
  • work on a new recipe or two
  • get my steps in with my Fitbit
  • drink plenty of water (loving this water bottle rn)
  • library visit
  • playdate with Helen Jane
  • make an appointment for car
  • wash car (inside & out)
  • back to school shopping
  • break down cardboard outside
  • continue reading Slow Love
  • eat outside
  • play a board game with Cooper
  • go to bed earlier/focus on getting enough sleep

Mantra for the Week:

Every week, Tracy Benjamin from Shutterbean.com types up her TO DO list with her Intentions for the Week post. Check out this week's post!


Sending You:

Have a great week! DO YOUR BEST!  And don’t forget to write down your own Intentions for the Week to hold you accountable!



  • Reannon

    2. Just pinned that pasta salad for when it warms up.
    3. I love bartering. My currency is ALWAYS food.
    4. Can you please write a cookbook? Your style of food/eating is just my thing & I’d love to have a Tracy Benjamin cookbook on my shelf xx

  • Kristin

    I agree with the cookbook comment! Or a template of meals. I have plenty of recipes I love, but it’s the planning the meals that is a drag.

    I wish you a lovely week. I’m sure it will be challenging. I will be thinking about you!

  • Jean

    Happy Birthday, Tracy! Have a great vacation in Tahoe. You can be sure your Mom is so proud of you for keeping up all of the family traditions that you’ve been doing. She will be there with you in the birdsong you hear, the sunlight on the lake and the breeze on your face. Hug Cooper and you’re hugging part of her. Wishing you a year ahead filled with love and light.

  • Ruth

    Holy productivity, Batman! You accomplished so many of your intentions last week! Thanks for the encouragement and inspiration you bring me.

  • emily

    you wrote it’s your first birthday/tahoe trip with your mom. it caught my eye immediately, maybe it was intentional? either way the universe is gently saying she’ll be there .. you’ll see.

  • Kate Shumaker

    Loved that Beach Boys video. I’m all about raising my vibration right now 🙂

    Have a wonderful birthday and trip! Loved these comments about your mom being there with you.

    Sending you all the good thoughts and vibes.

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