Memorial Day Weekend 2011

We ventured up north to Calistoga to hang out with Casey’s family this Memorial Day weekend. There was some rain, sunshine & a whole lot of eating and drinking (what else is new?). Cooper got to play with his cousins and we all got to hang out in my sister-in-law’s parent’s gorgeous home. I took a few pictures with my cellphone because my digital SLR proved too heavy to carry when I had a drink in my hand.

Here’s what we saw:

Pretty wine country!

All of the kids & moms went on a little walk around the neighborhood.

The kids piled up in a red wagon!  Hello Cousins!

My niece and her friend pulled the kids. I can’t believe she’s almost 15! I feel old.

We saw mailboxes. A long line of them… It means we’re out in a remote place, huh?

And roses soo pretty… you wanna take a bite of one.

I fell in love with gray nail polish & cracks in the road.

The kids played with balls, bats, a water table, tricycles & a dog door all weekend.  Fun times.

I had serious trough envy. I want more. Like…10 of them.

There was a cool RV in the back for guests to sleep in. I really want to drive across country some day.

One day for lunch, I made bruschetta!

Everyone enjoyed the Strawberry Goat Cheese, Artichoke Basil & Tuna & White Bean versions.

Cooper played with his cousin Henry at the park. Cooper threw sticks off a bridge. We saw a snake.

On Sunday, I drove to Oakland to take a Jam Making 101 class at Blue Chair Fruit Company.

We made 4 different variations of Strawberry Raspberry jam (more of that soon!). It rocked.

After my long drive, I rejoined the family around the outdoor fire with cocktails and s’mores.

What a great weekend!  Now it’s time to unpack our bags and chill out in the back yard.

More soon!

  • Megan

    Fun! Everything looks so fun. Glad you had such a good weekend.

  • Ali

    What a fun weekend. And may I just say that your toe nail polish, that shade of grey it looks like, totally rocks. 🙂

  • Vanessa

    Wow great weekend!! I love wine country! Looking forward to hearing about that jam class. Sounds cool. 🙂

  • Darcee

    Blue Chair jams are the yummiest!!!

  • Katrina

    Aww super fun weekend!

  • kelly barton

    wow….this is my kind of holiday weekend.
    instead i am married to an athletic director
    who worked most of the holiday. i think i
    am coming here next year!

    we are loving our goat cheese, strawberry
    and bacon paninis

  • adrianne

    where do those pretty troughs come from?

  • Christina

    A class at Blue Chair? Lucky dog! Can’t wait to hear about it…

  • Danielle

    What a lovely weekend you had! The kids look adorable in their little wagon and I never knew that Blue Chair Fruit gave classes. This is something I need to look into. And, good choice to use your cellphone for photos, the app really gives the images a laidback and carefree ambiance, like the mood of your post.

    • Tracy

      You should totally take one! You’d love it. I’m hoping to post my pics from the class tomorrow! And yeah…I love that app! It’s SOOO good, but I think it might be the reason my phone crashes every now and then ;(

  • alix*modernkiddo

    Love dem grey toes! It looks like it was a super great weekend…!

  • Jessica

    Wah!!! Okay, I have a tendency to get behind with my blog reading, but this past month has been baaaad! I’m catching up on each with one post at a time… Looks like you visited some pretty places, but I am really envious of that grey nail polish. I’ve been wanting some for so long, but guess I haven’t looked in awhile!

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