My Everyday Life: Week 36

Here’s what this past week looked like.

Bed time contemplation.

Afternoon light in the new office. I almost typed prison!

I was looking at this picture on my computer waiting for it to sharpen. Uhh. It’s just blurry.

But I like it. My kid is getting tall.

Pretty lettuce greens.

Made into a salad with avocado, sunflower seeds & a balsamic dressing.

We had the most amazing cloud days this week.

And one day the sunset was so insane. There’s a rainbow in there.

I made you doughnuts.

I ate two in record time.

I had this for breakfast this morning.

I had this for dinner the other night.

We went to Murray Circle in Sausalito.

I had a Pisco Blackberry Cobbler. Here it is.

How pretty is this dessert? It’s a s’mores inspired treat.

Sausalito is gorgeous.

Labor day. Ooof.

I was the first person awake in my house of 15 people. This is the calm before the storm.

Cooper and his cousin Abby having breakfast.

A view of the dinner table. Beer, wine, baby wipes….the usual.

This is Cooper and his cousin Henry.  You can see that Cooper thinks the world of him.

I made all of this. I ate all of this.

And this for dessert.

What a busy week!

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