Mother’s Day Weekend 2011

this is oreo

We had a pretty busy Mother’s Day weekend! Saturday morning we went to the Farmer’s Market so I could gather a few things for what I was cooking this weekend. Nothing like fresh beets, fresh baked bread, lettuce, parsley & fresh chicken eggs to inspire a weekend menu!

After Cooper’s nap, we went to our friend’s fundraiser party in their backyard! They’ve got a bunch of chickens! You see that black & white one? Her name is Oreo.  She was my favorite.

chicken feet

We are still trying to decide if we are going to get chickens; we’ve been thinking about it for the past two years and  I think the decision might be a little bit easier for us to make since my friend Jenny got hers. She’s loving them! And here’s another pro of having chickens- You can host your own Chicken Shit Bingo party!

this is lemon

You lay down a tarp, make a grid of numbers. People buy squares and when the chicken craps on their square, they’re instant winners!

chicken shit bingo

See that 24? Yup. We won! We actually won two rounds!

i won!

After donating half of our winnings, we were left with $60!!! I made money off of chicken shit!

I brought my Carnival Slaw to the party. Twas a big hit!

There was a fancy margarita machine!!!

And a dreamy SOFT SERVE machine!

Guess who begged me for some???

With that face, could you resist?? He was happy as a clam!

soo determined

Cooper spent the afternoon playing with other kids and watching the chickens. We were exhausted!

We came home, put Coop to bed and watched The King’s Speech and loved it.

Sunday morning, the boys went out & ran errands while I spent time making my mom a very special Mother’s Day dessert.  It’s so nice to have those little moments to myself in the kitchen….really that’s the best Mother’s day present!

Casey & Cooper gave me this lovely Royal Purple Smoke Bush for Mother’s Day! I can’t wait to plant it!

new plant

We spent time cleaning up the backyard and planting stuff during Cooper’s nap.

i planted this weekend!

I put some tomatoes in my pots! I just need to stake them now.

We have 1 Tomato Blush, 1 Early Girl, 2 Cherry Tomatoes & some tomato that randomly grew in my pot!

I think I might get some more… I can’t RESIST!


The lettuce is growing strong!  The arugula is SPICY.

the trough

Then my parents came over for dinner. I had a little cocktail & put out some cheese for us to nibble on.

cheese & cocktail

I made my mom’s favorite–Beet salad with lettuce & beets I picked up at the Farmer’s market.

making a beet salad

Turned out pretty awesome.

beet salad!

For dinner we grilled steak, roasted cauliflower, grilled asparagus & my killer garlic bread!

Oh there was tasty wine too!

mother's day dinner

And here’s my mom’s favorite dessert- PROFITEROLES!! (recipe coming soon!)

for my mom

Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day! I know I did.

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