This weekend…

dinner on saturday


some bunny loves fried chicken!

I woke up Saturday morning to find my hard drive failed. YIKES! No computer for almost  two days made me SUPER productive in the kitchen. With the thought of possibly losing all the data on my computer, I had to get my nervous energy out somehow.  So I made stuff, lots of stuff. I tried 5 new recipes (all were good except one) and I can’t wait to show you!

Here’s a glimpse:

  • Fried chicken (my first time making it!)
  • Honey Rosemary Lemonade (soo addictive)
  • Biscuits (I put too much whole wheat flour in- boo!)
  • Cucumber Vodka (infusing as we speak)
  • Bacon, Tomato & Iceberg lettuce salad (SCRUMPTIOUS!)
  • Two more batches of Strawberry Vodka (I had a party to go to)
  • Baked Oatmeal for breakfast this AM (I added nectarines!)
  • Tessy’s Banana Bread (for dessert tonight & breakfast tomorrow)

Now it’s time for me to get reunited with my computer. It’s back up and running, but now I have SOOOOOO many photos to edit! So thankful to have my computer back.

What did you eat this weekend?

  • Jill

    Pancakes with yogurt and maple syrup…Spinach salad with honey and goat cheese…Spanokapita from Costco…Bagels with peanut butter…Veggie sandwich with hot mustard…Tofu tikka masala….

    You asked! 🙂

  • cindy

    yum! that fried chicken and those wedge salads are calling my name! i made a pork tenderloin this weekend w/ a charred corn pasta salad AND an amazing jalapeño, bacon, and spinach pizza. i’m excited to hear how the cucumber vodka comes out!

  • Christina

    I made your charred corn salad this weekend, I didn’t have any mint but it turned out brilliantly anyway, so thank you. 🙂 I also made some cookies from the Smitten Kitchen blog, lemon and poppy seed and double chocolate, so good! Honey rosemary lemonade sounds fabulous.

  • Marci

    I made French toast Sunday morning with cinnamon swirl bread from a local farmstand. I topped it with local native strawberries, also procured from same farm stand. Last night I made my favorite healthy muffins from Whole Living magazine
    so I would have a healthy snack for the week. I also boiled half a dozen eggs so I’d have some protein for breakfast. The fridge smells like sulfur now, though!! 😉

  • Megan

    Whoa that meal looks so good! This weekend I made whole wheat english muffins, and had single-lady thai carry-out.

  • Leah

    My boyfriend and I went to gourmet burger joint, they have about 40 different burgers to choose from, sooo amazing! I chose one with sirlon beef patty swiss cheece pickle lettuce tomato bourbon bbq sauce (holy yum!) and onion haystack (thin sliced onions dipped in buttermilk then flour then deepfried…ahhhh heaven) it was amazingly messy and oozy with flavour! I can’t wait to go back!

    • Tracy

      Onion haystack!!! That’s like an onion blossom? Casey and I were discussing onion blossoms this weekend and how much I WANT ONE.

      • Leah

        Ooo it was almost like that! definitley not a whole onion on top of it but delicious deep fried onion goodness!! mmmmm i want more!!

  • Nicole

    That all looks incredibly delicious! I do that, too. I must busy myself to avoid going crazy when something stressful happens. Glad your computer is ok.

    I made tart frozen yogurt and Moroccan spiced tuna wraps that turned out pretty good 🙂

  • Vanessa

    oh my goodness- I can’t wait to hear about all of these recipes! yum.
    I made Oh Boy! waffles from the Better Homes cookbook, grilled up to whole chickens on the grill in prep for the week’s meals and then made some bomb enchilladas with some of the chicken. It was good stuff I tell you, goo stuff.

    This reminds me to get that external hard drive to back up all my stuff! were you able to retrive everything??

    • Tracy

      So far everything has been retrieved! crossing fingers. And hello!! Bomb enchiladas sound BOMB!

  • melanie

    I was on vacay in Florida so I ate a lot of seafood 🙂 blackened snapper, coconut shrimp, buffalo shrimp, jabalaya (sp?), grilled salmon, and also Chik Fil A!!! Also drank lots of sangria and boozy homemade lemonade. Also had gourmet popsicles which I must say made me feel like a kid and a super fancy grown-up at the same time.

  • Phoebe

    Your wedge salad and chicken look amazing!

    We ate well too, BBQ salmon, cabbage salad, homemade iced tea. Yum.

  • Nicki Woo

    So glad to hear you kept your whits about you. I know that can be traumitizing with a capital T. The wedge salad looks divine, the chicken scrumptious, and the lemonade, well, I wish it were sliding down my throat right now.

  • Amanda

    The lemonade sounds DIVINE! Cant wait to try it! Were you inspired by EDF for the fried chicken? me too 🙂 Yours looks super crunchy and delish & Cooper looks like one happy little dude!

  • One in a Brazilian

    I want every single thing on that table, including the lemonade. Please post the recipes. Please! 🙂

  • Linda

    You would be so proud of me. I did buy a juicer and spent the entire weekend coming up with awesome combinations. I did a very pricey 3 day cleanse recently and decided to buy my own juicer and not only save lots of money but feel fabulous and full of energy longer than 3 days!

  • Keely aka The Richest Girl in Bondi

    You had me at honey rosemary lemonade! That sounds so refreshing for a hot summer’s day. It’s winter in my neck of the woods so I’m all about toasties, soups and stews!

  • Ginny

    damn you and your infused vodkas! they are going to wonder what’s up at my liquor store. I made (with my daughter) some awesome waffles..
    and had a great lunch at a little restaurant on a day trip to Wimberley, TX. My daughter had a spritzer 😉

  • Shawna Greenway

    The new issue of Sunset magazine arrived Friday so it was a cooking extravaganza this weekend! Saturday – went to Monterey Market in Berkeley, loaded up on blackberries, and made 9 jars of blackberry lime jam (so delish!). The hubby made tequila BBQ sauce and smoked a tri-tip. Served that with roasted corn and a simple spinach salad. Then made two different ice creams – blackberry and blackberry peach since the peach’s at Monterey were just too fragrant to pass up. Sunday – omelets and sourdough toast with the blackberry lime jam, another BBQ (we have a serious addiction to BBQ since I’m from Texas) and pickled cukes with lemongrass and corriander seeds and then one made with jicama, red bell peppers and jalapenos. I LOVE Sunset magazine!!!

  • laura

    the strawberry vodka was such a hit with my girlfriends that we are brainstorming other infusions. the cucumber is genius! we have lemon/lime, lemon basil and strawberry basil infusion is progress. this is going to be a boozy summer…

  • laura k

    Ooh, that fried chicken looks fabulous. I was lucky enough to be eating in New Orleans this weekend, though I didn’t get any fried chicken. I might have to make some myself this weekend…

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