January 5, 2012

365: Favorites

My favorites from my 365 Food Photo project!

I decided to pick two photos from each month that represent:

– a special moment in time

-a photo that got me really excited about photography

-a meal/snack that totally blew my mind


























So the project is over and I’m a little sad about it! Today I didn’t take a single photo and half of me felt so incredibly relieved and then I started to feel bad. It really became so apart of my routine!  I’m still deciding what I want to do in this space in 2012. I want to make it fun/personal.  I’ve got a few ideas in my head and am wondering what you think!

Did you enjoy the 365 project? What did you like most? Maybe you can help me brainstorm. GO!

  • Erinlucy

    Your photographs are so beautiful you should sell prints of them. I would absolutely buy them! I’m sad your 365 of food is over too, I’ve loved looking at all the yummy things you eat!

  • abby

    So many good ones in there! I really love the flowers in the tea at the very beginning — well done!

  • Aeshna

    Hi Tracy!

    I recently discovered your blog and like it so much that I’ve started visiting it every morning with my cup of coffee 🙂 Your writing and photography has this intimate, journal-like quality which makes it beautiful. Keep up the good work! How about less food/ more daily life photos in 2012?

  • Kellie @ Blackboard Kitchen

    I love that first one with his little hands with the oranges….ah, so cute! My second favorite is the bread dipping into the egg. All are gorgeous – way to keep it going throughout the entire year!

  • Katherine

    Your creativity astounds me. I am so excited to find out what you do next. Keep up the good work! My favorite is the cake you are about to light on fire. Great shot.

  • Kate

    So glad you are going to keep doing these… it’s really a lovely blog. Could you tell us a bit about the cameras and lenses you use (or add to your FAQ)? Happy 2012!

    • Tracy

      It’s in my FAQ under the ABOUT Tracy page 🙂

      I use a Canon 7d with a Tamoron 17-35mm lens.

      Hope that works!

  • anne

    I love that you did a highlight reel – I will sure miss these photos. I love the one with Cooper’s hand splashed with milk and cereal. And the one for your Pear-Cranberry Crumble looks like a painting – very What Katie Ate. Can’t wait to see what you brew up next!

  • Heather

    love this project and look forward to it every week. I also enjoy the friday links as well as the recipes. I really just love your blog. I would love to see more of you and your adorable family 🙂

  • Kay

    Great favorite photos you picked. And I loved following along throughout the year. You inspired me to do something similar, although on a smaller *once a week* schedule. Because I live in the world of napkin sewing, I am carving out one day a week to sew anything but napkins. Each Monday I am going to dive into my list of crafts and clothing I want to sew, and devote the day to it. AND…. I will post a picture on my blog. YAY! Thanks for the fun and inspiration Tracy.

  • Jane M

    YES I love your site! I love the photos you chose for the year… but my favorite is your FRIDAY LISTS…Oh how I hope you continue this in 2012.

  • holly

    ok, the photo of the tomatoes is UNREAL! so beautiful. i also love the easter eggs. i really loved this project and its posts, i will miss it!

  • Lacey Chalenor

    Wow, those photos are ah-mazing! You should write a food blog 😉
    I have totally enjoyed the last 365 days with you, here’s to many more.
    Happy New Year!

  • yentl

    They are all eye-delicious! Oh my.
    My favorite one is the 05.31.11 – can’t explain why, but it is. 🙂

    My idea for your 2012.365 project is to take a picture of some object that was useful, or was important or simply you saw and liked in that day. It can be many many things… From the kitchen utensils, Coopers’ school… To Anthropologie’s racks!

    • Tracy

      haha! The fluff one? I think it stands out to me cuz of the graphics of the pb & fluff. There’s something kinda old timey about it and I feel like it makes me want to smoosh that sandwich down 😉

  • Danica Evans

    No ideas from me… but I look forward to whatever you decide to do- I looooooved the 365 project!

  • Jessica

    I’ve only been following your blog for a few months, but I must say I LOVE IT! It is apart of my daily routine in the morning. After settling down at my desk and going through my emails I head to your blog. Thank you so much for posting all of the wonderful things – it truly brightens my day.

    As far as input for 2012 – I honestly love food. I really enjoy reading about what you’re making, etc. You could always do a little twist and feature traditional meals from different countries. I know – bizarre idea…but it might get the wheels turning. 🙂

  • Lauren

    It is amazing how much the stories of our lives can be told through food. Great job!

  • judy

    So nice to see some favorites… they’re all so great. I love the waffle one the most – the lighting is amazing. And I keep going back to the crab one…not sure why, I like all those hot sauces on the shelf…. wherever you are looks really cool – where is it? The toast in the egg looks so delicious I think I’m about to eat it. Peanut butter and fluff…yum. I haven’t had one of those in a long time. Fluff is very nutritious. Cooper’s hands on the grapefruit is adorable and I’ll bet his hands are already a lot bigger.

    Congrats on sticking it out Tracy… ya done good!

    • Tracy

      The crab photo is from Swan Oyster Depot! Have you been??!!! It’s amaze balls.

      Cooper’s hands are HUGE and not chubby anymore 🙁

      Fluff is SUPER nutritious 😉

  • Betsy

    Totally fab! Love them all especially the little hand splashing in milk 🙂

  • Jerilyn

    Yum. That was awesome. I just went on a 1-minute trip through your whole scrumptious year, fun!

  • Lisa [With Style and Grace]

    These photos are FABULOUS!! I’ve actually been thinking about doing Project 365. I know it’s a little late, but I do have photos from the first to now. I’m still on the fence. Would you recommend it?

    • Tracy

      Thanks Lisa!
      It takes a lot of planning & dedication, but it’s a really good exercise each day. You force yourself to look at things differently and sometimes you make something out of nothing!
      I think it is also a good way for people to see how I life and what I see in my everyday. You should totally do it and don’t worry about not starting on the first day of the year. Who cares?!

  • Becky Back


    I loved your 365, in fact, I loved it so much that I am doing a 2012 – 365 iPhone photo a day and using various apps and filters for the photos. They will never be as amazing as yours but it will be nice to look back on them.
    Whatever you decide to do this year I’m sure it will be a wonderful project that will inspire others. Keep up the awesome work!

    Devout follower, (that’s not too creepy is it?)
    Becky Back

  • Mary

    I love your 365 photos, it was always a post I looked forward to for the beautiful inspiration. Whatever you do, I hope it’s photos, I adore your skills!

  • joy the baker

    i love the SPARK! and cooper has your eyes in 6/16.

  • Kelsey

    It’s like you live in a food magazine! Your photos are fantastic and 365 is really an accomplishment. I love the picture with the cheerios, spilled milk, and little Cooper paw! You have such a great eye for design, I’d love to get more peeks into your house and decorating tips in 2012.

  • LPaup

    I have become a major fan of yours! Your style and voice are so unique and original. I loved following this project. The passion and dedication that you put into are such an inspiration!

  • Mary

    I’m sorry to see this end – I look forward to your weekly posts! you picked a great 24 to represent the year. my favorites are the pizza with the self-portrait/flash and the peppermint cupcake (but really, I love them all). Look forward to whatever you do next!

    • Tracy

      Ha! That actually wasn’t a self portrait. Can you believe I was taking a picture of someone taking a picture of me taking a picture? pretty trippy, huh?

  • JillP

    Tracy, I am only slightly obsessed with pretty much everything on your blog…ooooonly slightly 🙂

    I think your photos of food are amazing, of course, but more importantly…you seem to have this amazing ability to notice a special moment and capture it. I mean, who would look at a few squares of chocolate and a coupla nuts (plus a divine pair of red shoes) and think: OK, I gotta shoot this???

    AND your blog title mentions “prettie things”, so my idea is your you to do a 365 on Prettie Things! Give us the Tracy-eye-view on the small moments, beautiful people, or prettie objects (food, fashion, decor, whatever) that you might be crushing on in any particular moment. I mean, your taste is pretty much flawless…hello.

    I would love that!!

    • Tracy

      Thank you for the highest compliments and the ideas, JillP!
      Whatever I do..something prettie will be involve. FO’ Sho!! xoxoxo

  • Cate

    So fun to see the highlights of the year all together. Your photos are so awesome, and Cooper is ADORABLE!

  • Alli

    I feel honored that my blurry mug is in the background of one of your delicious food shots!

    I thoroughly enjoyed this project. I am nosy by nature, and I like seeing what other (cool) people eat, particularly for snacks. You are a good eater, a fantastic photographer, and a groovy lady. Looking forward to what you have in store for the new year!


  • nicole neesby

    You are like wow wow wow. So much inspiration here. Also loved your list post. So many great things highlighted there.


  • Jessica Ann

    Seriously love these pictures. And amazing job sticking with it for a whole year! You are a determined lady!

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