April 5, 2012

Five Favorite Things:

On last week’s podcast, we gave homework to our listeners: Tell us 5 of your Favorite things right now!

HERE ARE MY FIVE FAVORITE THINGS RIGHT NOW (this is me doing my homework!)

1. Zumba!– A few months ago I was watching an episode of Martha Stewart and a woman came on promoting Zumba DVDs. I watched Martha Stewart do Zumba and it actually looked kinda fun! I’ve been wanting to get on an exercise kick and decided to take a class the other night. It was awesome! It took me a little while to get used to it, but it totally satisfied my inner dancer. It actually didn’t seem like working out because it was FUN. I find that going to actual classes helps keep me motivated. I am fortunate that there wasn’t anyone I knew in that class or I would have been laughing hysterically when the dude turned on Ricky Martin before our “cool down.”

2. Güd Vanilla Flame Body Wash– I picked this up at Target a few weeks ago. I love the way it smells and it suds up nicely so a little goes a long way. Way to go, Burt’s Bees.

3. John Masters Organics Argan OilJoy got me into this oil business! I put some of this oil all over my face & neck before bed and whatever I have leftover I rub into my hair and elbows. Between the argan oil & my Clarisonic Mia, my skin is looking great.

4. An Everlasting Meal: Cooking with Economy and Grace, by Tamar Adler– I just started reading this book a few nights ago before bed. The writing is beautiful and Tamar Adler is a gem. It’s kind of like reading directions for recipes…but a whole book full of them. You learn a lot about cooking with your senses & Tamar helps you tap into your own cooking intuition. It’s nice to see information I already know in this book because it makes me realize that I’ve got a good cooking base (thanks to my mom & grandmother). Rarely do you find that kind of instruction in a book.

5. Chobani’s Passion Fruit Greek Yogurt My friend Kimli got me into this yogurt. They have SOO many flavors but the Passion Fruit is by far my favorite. It’s super hard to find passion fruit in general, so it’s nice to be able to get it in my yogurt. I’m kind of addicted to those crunchy seeds. I like this yogurt cuz it’s really high in protein and I’ve found that if I have it as an afternoon snack, it helps tie me over til dinner. Protein POWER! The Non-fat flavors are really good too! I like raspberry, mango & honey.


  • Katrina

    I love Zumba too! And that oil sounds awesome…need to get into it.

  • chefroommate

    Chobani is the stuff! Have you tried their apple cinnamon – it’s outta control.

  • Carly

    In no particular order:

    1. Running outside again – Now that the weather has broken and it stays light out until 8pm, I can get out once the kids go to bed. I’ve spent the last five years committed to my kids and have decided that this is my commitment to me. (Unless one of the kids has the flu, in which case I’m running back and forth to the bathroom with them instead. It’s been a lovely week.)

    2. Food Network magazine – My sister- and brother-in-law got me a subscription for my birthday, thinking it would be something I would like. It’s kind of like a trashy novel and I really only find one or two recipes I like in each magazine, but it’s a nice way to wind down when I get into bed and am waiting on my husband to join me.

    3. London Fogs – A awesome old theatre here in Winnipeg(http://www.parktheatervideo.com/cafe) makes the best London Fogs. I had pretty much given up on them, but I went to The Park with some old friends this week and my love was revived. I’ve never seen such perfectly frothed milk!

    4. Friends – I know, it’s cheesy, but a dear friend is in town and we’re trying to cram in as much face time as possible before she leaves. It’s made me realize that I miss spending time with my friends.

    5. My new dress – I don’t buy dresses. My dad offered to take me shopping so I thought I’d indulge in something I wouldn’t normally buy myself. I randomly took this dress (http://www.jacob.ca/polka-dot-tab-shoulder-dress) off the rack and couldn’t believe it actually looked good on me. I’m totally in love with it. I just need the weather to cooperate so I can wear it.

    • Tracy

      Oh! I love that dress. Way to go on running too! That ME time is sooooo necessary! Also- I feel that way about EVERYDAY FOOD. Have you seen that magazine? It’s like a treat every time I see one in my mailbox.

      Thanks for sharing!!! Your favorite things!!!

  • sarah

    Oooh, i just signed up for a free sample of Güd on FB.

    I’ve been trying out the Super line and I love everything!
    If you like the on FB they have buy one get something else free deals – because I’m cheap.

    I want to buy that book!

  • Leah

    Great list, I’ve been wanting to try argan oil for awhile now!

    I did my homework and posted my fav 5 here: http://asimpleloveforfood.blogspot.com

    Thanks for a fun challenge! I hadn’t put a post up in awhile and this brought the itch back to do more! 🙂 I hope there are more challenges to come!!

  • Christina

    I just ordered a Clarisonic and I’m SO excited!!! I hope it works well for me, I have no doubt that it will but still. 🙂

    And Chobani? Comeon, that’s like a no brainer. They are delicious! Right now I’m into the apple cinnamon.

  • jessie

    YES! The Chobani Passion Fruit is the BEST! I lived in Hawaii and loved lilikois. This gives me my tropical fruit fix without having to spend thousands of dollars to get to Maui.

  • Megan

    Yes! I just started getting my 5 things post together!

  • Heather

    Have you tried FAGE yogurt? it is the best, great flavors and very thick.

    Also very into Larabar’s right now and the paleo/primal diet a good start is http://www.marksdailyapple.com

    love favorites lists, thanks! Heather.

    • Tracy

      Yes! I love Fage! It’s a little pricier than the chobani though and they don’t have as many flavors.

    • Jane M

      Me too – I’m a Fage girl, have to buy it plain cuz of my hubs. But — I MAKE LEMON CURD, OR ORANGE CURD OR LIME CURD and put in 2 large spoon fulls with a sprinkle of slivered almonds! YUUUUUMY!

  • Bethany

    Love Chobani!!

  • Katie

    Top Five Faves:

    1. Sparkly nail polish: always picks me up when I’m writing on the board ( I teach)

    2. Clarisonic: My husband bought me a pink one for Valentine’s Day and I totes love it!

    3. Dresses, dresses and more dresses: I live in AZ, it’s in the 80’s and I’m loving the weather and the clothes

    4. Lush body bar: Another totally rockin’ gift from the hubs

    5. The calendar: As stated above I teach and time is flying towards sweet summertime…swimming, vacation, more baking, and of course more time with my sweet love!!!

  • Kayla

    I imagined you saying “protein POWER” in an Oprah voice. Ha.. I love that yogurt too

  • stacy

    1. my new gold Saltwater sandals- how can you not feel happy with shiny new gold Saltwaters on?
    2. This smoothie: http://iowagirleats.com/2012/01/04/my-top-secret-diet-weapon/ found it on pinterest and have been making it most mornings- its filling, gets my greens in, and its yummy. I throw in a TBSP of flax seeds too 😉
    3. Marc Jacobs Eau So Fresh rollerball- very fresh (!) and spring-y. I’m sort of going crazy with perfume rollerballs from Sephora because they are cheap and you can try out a fragrance for a few months before you commit to the real deal! I’ve got several in rotation right now.
    4. This recipe for risotto: http://smittenkitchen.com/2006/11/alexs-restaurant/ OH MY WORD. So good. have made it twice in two weeks. A friend recommended it. She nails the flavors ( I love her blog as well)
    5. the jasmine that is starting to bloom in my yard! yay for spring!

    • Tracy

      I’ve made that risotto!! It’s SOOOOOOO good and soo easy. I think it was the first risotto I made.

      Saltwater sandals are awesome. I have a black pair and a red pair. I want silver!!

      I love a rollerball too!

  • Meghan

    Yes. I’m reading An Everlasting Meal right now too! Are you taking part in Pancake and Frenchfries’ Indecisive Book Club? Thats how I decided to read it.

    The writing is beautiful and a lot of the advice is pretty practical (like cooking all your veg when you get home so you have no excuse not to eat em), but what I’m particular struct with is the way Tamar write instructions. Its more like a conversation than standard recipe verbage. Its making me look a lot at the way I word things.

  • Lindsay

    Right now… Twistbands, my Neutrogena moisturizer, Florida state parks, veggie sushi and new books.

    I chatted about them a little more in-depth on my blog.

  • hellywelly

    two on your list triggered things that i’ve been digging lately–a type of yogurt and a type of exercise class 😉

    1. siggi’s yogurt! i was a huge greek yogurt fan until my sister turned me onto icelandic skyr. it’s delicious. so far my favorite flavor is coconut.

    2. bodypump. i heard a lot of great things about this weights class but was scared of it. i really hate weight machines and doing free weights, but this class forces me to do strength training and now i enjoy it.

    3. my new water bottle (thermos sipp tritan). it’s easy to clean, opens easily (no screw top), doesn’t have a straw, has an unobtrusive handle, and doesn’t leak.

    4. free photo greeting cards. these freebies have been popping up a lot lately and conveniently around times when i need one!

    5. the almond joy combination. i might have just added a few chocolate chips and almonds to my coconut siggi yogurt….

  • Jessica

    I got hooked on passion fruit yogurt while in NZ and was super excited to find Chobani’s version. It’s not low-fat, but I LOVE Liberté’s peach and passion fruit yogurt. No seeds, but it’s so creamy. Also, there’s a So Delicious coconut ice cream flavor called Passionate Mango that I have yet to try. Annnd, there should (hopefully) be Goya passion fruit puree in the freezer section at your grocery store.

    Um, so that’s one of my favorite things revealed…

  • Joline

    ok I will bite! 🙂

    5 Things:

    1. Nugget Nectar IPA. Although the season is just about over this beer is what dreams are made of.

    2. Instagram: my username is guppypug. I use that app like its going out out style and take SO many pictures of my pugs.

    3. My pugs Caesar and Gus, best thing since sliced bread! 4 months old and full of fun!

    4. My Canon 7D, my graduation present from my honey and how I make my living. (I am a wedding and portrait photographer)

    5. Milkshakes… yup I am on a kick right now with Mint Oreo,,, its getting serious!

  • Kim

    Okay, so I’d never heard of the Clarisonic but in the middle of your post, I clicked on the link and ended up buying one! I’m so susceptible to reccomendations…it’s pitiful!!

  • Diana

    I love Zumba. It’s what really got me into working out regularly. I love that it just feels like you’re dancing and before you know it you’re all sweaty. Fun and fitness all rolled into one works for me!

  • Gwen Edwards

    Here’s my homework:)


    I’ve been wanting to try Zumba, but still too shy!

  • Baking Serendipity

    I love that yogurt! And I’m totally shy about Zumba too…

  • Melanie

    I too love the passion fruit Chobani! I just wanted to tell you Android has Instgram now…no need for the Iphone…I remember you talking about it on homefries…Are you in?? I searched shutterbean and >;( and it WASNT U!

  • Gomez

    I read this on the train on my way home yesterday, stopped at the market to pick up a dinner ingredient, turned around and there was the yogurt section staring me in the face, so excited to try the passion fruit chobani I was able to find tucked back on the top shelf. I love Greek yogurt, but usually stick to plain, and I too am a fan of the seeds of a passion fruit (I’m the only one who will eat them when the come in the office fruit box). Thanks for the tip!

  • laura k

    I am starting to love Zumba too. I took a few classes at my old gym, but the instructor wasn’t that great and I didn’t like it. But at the new gym, it is awesome. And my new gym is one of the things I’m loving right now! I am a sucker for fancy gyms.

    Also loving the Brazil Nut body scrub I bought at The Body Shop, which smells like heaven, the Mumford and Sons album (so late to that party), the April Health Month challenge I set myself this month, and my new copy of How to Cook Everything.

    I’m looking forward to reading Tamar Adler’s book, and to seeing her at Omnivore Books next weekend.

  • Chez Us

    Love the new site – gorgeous and sassy just like you. Isn’t argan oil the best. I have been using it for a couple years now … love the stuff!!

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  • cindy

    I tried out that GüD body wash, the Blood Orange kind…SO GOOD (GüD?!)! Thanks for the tip, girl!

  • Kate @ eatrecyclerepeat

    I’m late with my homework! Gah sorry. But I have been thinking about it nonstop for the past two weeks.
    Here it is!

    I cannot get enough of your lists – whether it be the Friday lists or pictures from your Everyday Life. I’ve been rocking the self taken shoe pictures for years and everyone thought I was crazy. I’m happy to see someone else does it too!

  • Alli

    Passion Fruit Chobani is the shizz! Bob won’t eat it because it’s “too crunchy.” I live for the crunch!

    Have you tried Trader Joe’s passion fruit leather? (Or is it passion fruit fruit leather?) I feel like I’ve read about it on yr blog before. I can’t find it anymore though! Waaa!

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