My Everyday Life: Week 3

This is what this past week looked like:

Fresh off the airplane, I needed something healthy!

my everyday: week 3

Airport reunion! Cooper refused to put his feet out.

my everyday: week 3

Grounded on a plane in SLC for almost two hours. Deep breaths.

my everyday: week 3

Banbury Cross Donuts with Kasey & Kristin. The cinnamon one was AH-MAZING.

Thanks for the tip, Rachelle!

my everyday: week 3

A discussion about geese & petting zoos on the way to donuts.

my everyday: week 3

The most amazing breakfast sandwich at The Park Cafe in SLC.

my everyday: week 3

Emptying my pockets after one day at Alt Summit. I met A LOT of great people.

my everyday life: week 3

Chocolate loot next to my bed at the Grand America.

my everyday: week 3

I borrowed Christine’s necklace.

my everyday: week 3

Getting ready to go out on the last night of the Alt Summit.

my everyday life: week 3

Breakfast with my roomie, Christine.

my everyday: week 3

The White party at Alt Summit.

my everyday: week 3

Hotel room cocktail mixing.

my everyday: week 3

Note taking with the ladies of Modern Kiddo.

my everyday: week 3

Amazing room service.

my everyday: week 3

My first bath since I was pregnant with Cooper.

my everyday: week 3

An impromptu lunch with my husband & podcast notes.

my everyday: week 3

Sometimes I do the dishes so I don’t have to empty the dishwasher (this happens A LOT).

my everyday: week 3

Homemade cashew milk & a new raw energy bar I concocted (recipe soon!).

my everyday: week 3

Kitchen aftermath.

my everyday life: week 3

I let the friendliest cat into our house. Her name is Gigia.

my everyday: week 3

Carrot ginger soup with avocado & arugula. Easing back into real food.

my everyday: week 3

  • The Cuisinerd

    So great to spend some time with ou at Alt girlfriend. So much fun, tho it would be nice next time to visit outside of convention madness.

  • Kasey

    I had SO much fun hanging out with you in SLC! I feel like we’re two old souls together 🙂 I emptied all of my business cards onto a table after finally getting home and thought to myself – that is more business cards I have received from every conference I have ever attended COMBINED. I can’t wait to hang out together again…and I loved spotting stuff like my clutch and the TK Pairings Box recipe cards in your photos (not to mention our breakfast and GEESE!) xoxox

    • Tracy

      TRUTH! We’re gonna hafta schedule in some serious girl time this year. I started to write down a list of the people I met and am thinking…WHOA. That was crazytown. So many!

  • Iris R.

    Were those a bunch of tiny Bonne Mama jam jars I saw in the room service picture? I would have surreptitiously hidden those in my bags. Kind of like mini hotel soaps only better?

    Drooling over that carrot ginger soup. I can’t wait for your upcoming recipes! I just ordered vanilla beans and my first task when they come is to make cinnamon vanilla cashew milk with them.

  • Katrina

    I’m loving this new segment! SLC looked like a blast!

  • brooke guevara

    I love all the every day photos; simple, yet beautiful. Looks like ALT summit was awesome.
    p.s. love following your blog.

  • Carrie Rosalind

    Looks like a pretty good week for me! I was so jealous of all you girls at the Alt Summit – I followed along on Twitter and it seemed like there was a ton of good information!!

  • Amanda

    looks like a great week!

  • Karin

    That looks like an amazing week. It sounds like you had so much fun and met some great people! Loved these shots.

  • Julie

    I haven’t taken a bath in forever! I don’t have a tub for it, but hotel rooms seem like a good place to do that.

  • Vanessa

    I need to make time to go to this Alt summit I’ve heard so much about next year. Cute dress! And this donuts. Oh. my. god. I need them.

  • Nicola

    Do you have a cashew milk recipe? I have been hankering after it after you mentioned it on your podcast and it looks delicious in that photo!

  • Christina

    1) I need to know your thoughts on petting zoos. 2) Who brought the lime juicer? B/c that was brills.

  • Roxy

    Your floral print dress is simply beautiful! Anthro?? I love that 50’s fit!

  • Tort[e]s

    I am DYING to know what was in that breakfast sandwich!

    • Tracy

      on toast… BUT the toast was like buttered & grilled as if it was a GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICH.
      Amazing, right?

  • Cortnie

    The Alt Summit sounds so fun! Like grownups having fun without kids! Yay!!

    p.s. You look super super cute in that amazing dress.


  • Linda

    Tracy, your upstairs tub is gorgeous…perfect for a relaxing bath, with a ledge wide enough to hold a chilled bottle of champagne, a tub wide enough to put one of those expandable bathtub thingys that holds a book, your champagne flute, a fresh loofa, and mani/pedi toys. Put Coop to bed, find a movie for KC, light some candles, use bubble bath, grab your IPod and spoil yourself…you deserve it!

  • jenny

    I have been totally craving carrot-ginger soup. I hope you’ll post the recipe this week…hint hint!! Such fun photos, btw!

  • JILL

    Love the sippy cup on the table at the Japanese restaurant 🙂

  • Megan

    I love love love your pretty flowered dress!

    And I’d like to eat that soup! If you like it, put an avocado on it. Right?

  • Kara

    How funny, I do the dishes like that too… I hate unloading the dishwasher.

    ps- I love you and Joy and your podcast.. I listen to you every week during work and I always catch myself laughing out loud (literally LOLing!) and then I get mean eye glances from my fellow co workers…for some reason noise completely interupts their day. *sigh* so thanks for always making me laugh!!! 🙂

    • Tracy

      Haha! Glad I’m not the only one. I don’t know why I have such a strong dislike for unloading. I make it into a bigger deal than it really is. It takes like 5 minutes.

  • kale @ tastes good to me!

    The soup looks beautiful and I love the walk-through!

  • Nicole

    Fun pictures, Tracy! Sounds like Alt Summit was fantastic. Your floral dress is so pretty!

  • Dottie

    Girl, Alt Summit made one thing perfectly clear–I need to see more of your hotness this year!

    And hello–you need to show these people how fab you looked in that one shoulder piece. Hello, amazing!!!


    – Dottie

    • Tracy

      oh man! I didn’t take any pictures of me in that outfit…but i’m sure i could maybe find some!

      you and alix should come over for dinner. im gonna send you an email!

  • Lindsay @ The Live-In Kitchen

    That is so funny that you brought a lime press with you on a trip. Or did the hotel provide it? Ha!

  • Rachelle

    Thanks for the shout out! I live in suburbia now but when I lived downtown I brought banbury cross to my staff on Fridays…nothing says “You’re awesome” like a dozen of those babies.

  • Lucia

    That breakfast looks gorgeous! It makes me think about holidays and taking care of ourselves. We should do it more often 😉

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