My Everyday Life: Week 9

Here’s what this week looked like:

The golden hour in San Francisco.




Oh Anthro….


Nice specs.


The second chick is picking her nails.




Breakfast at the Ferry Building with Kimli.


X marks the spot.


In the elevator at the dentist’s office.

my everyday life: week 9

I love sitting at this red light. Good people watching happens. But for some reason it’s empty.

my everyday life: week 9

Strawberry prep.

my everyday life: week 9

Pizza + Salad. Cooper has a big boy chair now. It’s nice to have him at the table.

my everyday life: week 9

Graphic design class in progress.

my everyday life: week 9

I’m so shocked he didn’t eat them.

my everyday life: week 9

I love it when Cooper says Tracy.

my everyday life: week 9

Watching this WONDERWHEEL clip right before podcasting.

my everyday life: week 9

Color studio while doing chores.

my everyday life: week 9

I made Deb’s breakfast sandwich a bunch of times this week.

my everyday life: week 9

I finally re-potted this plant this week. It was my grandpa’s plant 🙂

my everyday life: week 9

Breakfast for dinner! Tater tots, spinach, Parmesan & a fried egg.

my everyday life: week 9

It rained this week so we made some forts.

my everyday life: week 9


my everyday life: week 9

Smooooooothie time!

my everyday life: week 9

Pasta fagioli soup (without the pasta). I added kale to the mix and served it with garlic bread!

my everyday life: week 9

I kinda like cleaning muffin tins.

my everyday life: week 9

Joy’s Brown Butter Blueberry Muffins while working at home.

my everyday life: week 9

Kale slaw (this is the one that inspired my rendition!) with some fries.

my everyday life: week 9

  • Annie

    Cooper is such a cute kid!

  • Amanda

    That breakfast at the Ferry Building looks scrumptious! I would have been pretty tempted to lick the plate I think! Also, that bowl of soup would totally hit the spot right about now! Does Coop eat soup?

  • Lori from a family's life

    Your breakfast for dinner looks great! Must be the tots!

    Love the colorful glasses!

    I think I’ll try to make that soup.

  • tea_austen

    That’s my very favorite Ferry Building breakfast at the market. Seeing the photo made me want to cry a little bit. But then the pretzels made me smile 🙂

  • jenny

    I have been so hooked on deb’s breakfast sandwich, too! I love it when the cheese oozes out!! I think the muffin tin pic is my favorite this week (though anthro always makes me sigh). I would totally frame that for my kitchen. 🙂

  • El

    Great post. Looks like a wonderful week.

  • bbackdesign

    Ahhhh! I’ve totally been doing the tater tots with spinach and fried egg as a quick meal too! So yummy!
    Love the pictures of Cooper, such a cutie pie!

  • Claire Jain

    Yay! I have that Rifle calendar. I so love it! I also need to repot my Christmas Cactus 😉

  • Amy

    Your kitchen is so adorable. And I love that yellow polka dot mug. This week looks awesome.

  • Kelsey

    We have a Christmas cactus in my family too, it was my grandmother’s. Love that.

    • Tracy

      so sweet! My grandpa past away in 2004 so it makes me super happy that i have a piece of him living on in my life!

  • lynn @ the actor's diet

    i’m coming to san fran for the asian film fest next weekend (you should come – i have four movies playing!!!) and can’t wait to eat at the ferry building!!!!

  • Emily

    I like how you have a photo about how it rained ‘this week.’ In Belgium, your first photo would have a caption like “it was sunny at some point this month!!!’ So I’m completely jealous. However, tent forts are always the best and those strawberries have me hankering for summer big time. Are they already in season in California?

    • Tracy

      We are lucky to have strawberries almost year round in CA!! it’s good because that’s cooper’s favorite fruit. phew!

  • Julie @ Outtakes on the Outskirts

    I love the fact you drink out of mason jars. It just rocks my socks.

  • jenny

    I love your weekly recaps. Maybe because I am reading this while drinking coffee on Sunday morning, but it is totally inspiring me to enjoy the week ahead.

  • Alaiyo Kiasi

    Thanks for sharing a day in your life! You’ve inspired me to do the same.

  • ileana

    Cooper is such a cutie!

  • jennie

    i love this week, it’s so colorful! and my husband and i both hate cleaning muffin tins…will you clean ours?

  • Heidi

    Cleaning muffin tins is the worst — you’re crazy! Well . . . I guess I really enjoy ironing . . . so maybe it’s not so crazy after all 🙂

  • Jemma

    I love all those wonderful color eye glasses – I never seem to find anything that cool !

  • Lucia

    When I was a child and it rained my mum used to help make forts. Best memories ever.

  • Jane M

    SOOOO jealous you live in San Fran! My dream, to retire to Napa Valley with the hubs -even tho we can’t drink/choose not to drink – it’s just such a lovely place to be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love your blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Especially on Friday and Sundays!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rachael

    Love this post! I’m also really jealous of you living in San Fran!

    the egg and cheese breakfast roll is totally on the menu for my day off tomorrow – yum!

    Cooper is such a cutie – I love the ‘anticipation’ picture of him waiting for the smoothie!

    Thanks for sharing your week 🙂

  • Isabella

    The way you capture these moments is so beautiful!

    I am feeling a little disapointed, I was hoping you would include a picture of your hair!

  • Christina

    Love the pic with Cooper at the dinner table. It really captures the moment of him sitting with you guys for the 1st time at the table.

  • Abby

    Tracy, I love all of your cups and dishes! Wish I could be in San Fran for the book signing with you and Joy, it would be the bee’s knees to meet you both 🙂

  • vera

    love those specs! the yellow ones! where are they from?

  • Caitlin

    OMG. Cilaquiles from the Ferry Building – yum!

  • Hilary

    The yellow polka dotted mug.. where did you get that?! LOVE.
    Is that soup recipe going to be shared? Looks delish!
    Also, I love the mason jars as drinking glasses. I think I might have to buy some.

  • MaryBeth

    What a great way for me to start my day! I like cleaning muffin tins too, the people I work with at the bakery always tease me about it, I don’t know what it is! I love the photo of Cooper waiting for his smoothie, so adorable!

  • Jessica Ann

    My grandpa always had Christmas Cactuses too!

  • Jerilyn

    Cooper is so darn cute! Love the fort photo, love all the photos.

  • Leslie

    Love the elevator photo…and you take your big honkin’ camera everywhere?? THAT’S dedication. I need a bigger bag…or stronger shoulders. 🙂

  • Megan

    I’ve totally made that egg sandwich almost every day for lunch! I can’t even get enough of it in my life.

  • Sheri

    1) Mijita breakfast is the best. I think I’ll do that when I’m down next week. Hmmmm…
    2) I made Joy’s browned butter blueberry muffins for a 15-person brunch last week and the room went SILENT when people bit into them. I really don’t think I’ll ever make a blueberry muffin without browned butter again.

  • bob

    That breakfast at the Ferry Building looks a bit outside my breakfast comfort zone…what did you order?

    Also did you make Deb’s breakfast sandwich on…biscuits? Looks like a great sandwich filling though, I’ll have to try that one soon.

    Love the picture of Cooper drinking his smoothie…lots of concentration!

    Thanks for sharing your ‘normal life’ with us.

  • deb

    So glad you liked the sandwich, especially as you’ve inspired so much cooking in my kitchen!

    • Tracy

      I find that egg fold soooooooo amazingly satisfying. You have no idea! YOU are a constant inspiration! xo

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