May 10, 2012

House Tour: The Guest Bedroom

Some of you may already know that we’re moving! When I started showing you parts of my house, I never imagined that we would be packing everything up. If things work as planned, Casey & I will be buying the house I grew up in from my parents in Marin County. We’re excited because there are so many great features to the house; I know it well. The light there is beautiful and I know Cooper will have a wonderful childhood there because I did.

So having said that, I’m going to show you the rest of our current house. I tried to take as many pictures of the rooms as possible before we took things down. I am sad because it took us almost 6 years to feel 100% at home here. We truly poured our hearts into this house and in the end it was all worth it. It was our first house! I’m really proud at how things turned out and I am excited for many new design challenges to come!

Here it is. The guest room. It’s a very calming space. It’s probably the most uncluttered room we have.

Maybe that’s why I love watching TV in there…

We chose C2 Paint– C260 Kauai in Flat Acrylic Enamel for the wall color. I always wanted a dark blue room and after trying many paint samples, we settled on this gem. We really wanted to have an all white duvet cover but we had to acrap that idea with two black cats. This IKEA duvet has really stood the test of time and it barely shows cat hair. I love that in a duvet cover.

That lamp? Totally not Jonathan Adler. It was from Kmart! The tray under the lamp is from IKEA & I made that painting on the side at the Joy Retreat. That dresser and bed frame is IKEA too. Whoa. That’s a lot of IKEA in one room.

This is a side shot of the room.

My mother in law made us the valance & curtains. We always wanted to put trim on them but we never got around to doing it.

I had hoped to add a splash of magenta or lime green in here somehow… Maybe I’ll do that in the next place.

The three paintings on the wall were a birthday present from Casey before we got married. I was really into Blythe dolls in my early 20s. The colors of the painting might have inspired the wall color…They do match really well in there.

When Cooper was little he would point at the paintings and say “Mama!” He loves this room.

He always begs us to sleep in the “pokka dot bed.”

He loves playing on the bed and hiding under the covers.

I should note that the cats occupy this room most of the time….The bed is totally a cat magnet.

We have so many good memories here.

Some really really good ones.

It’s really been a great guest room.

We’ve had so many wonderful guests here!


  • Kathryn

    I always find guest rooms such a hard room to decorate but this looks like a wonderful space, really chilled out but with enough colour to stop it being bland.

  • online parenting class

    the room looks really nice and comfy!

  • Jane M

    So do you think you will start fresh with paint colors in your new home or repeat what you had? Very very nice guest room. Can’t wait to see your new place. Where are your parents going????

  • cindy

    so nice and so sweet, Tracy!
    I love that you are moving into your childhood home, it’s such a special opportunity! Congrats!

  • Brother

    My favorite room in your house. My favorite guest bedroom of anywhere for that matter. A sad day, really, but looking forward to splitting the room I grew up in with my nephew…

  • jackie @ marin mama cooks

    Yaay! You’re moving over to Marin! I won’t be a bother and ask you where, but I will let you know that I live in Corte Madera. So excited for you! If you ever want to hook up once you get settled, I would love it.

    Jackie 🙂

  • Katherine

    Tracy, posts like this warm my heart. Keep up the good work.

  • Shawna Greenway

    Marin is such a great choice! Congrats!!

  • Carly

    I love your decorating style! I’m sure it will be great fun to decorate a new (/old) house and make it your own.

  • Amy Powell

    We’re moving too & it’s sad to see all the hard work that has to be undone. I really love what you’ve done to the room. very simple & cute!

  • yokeyolk

    i love the blythe paintings. and it’s exciting to move! for me, the excitement always trumps the sadness.

  • Alli

    I’ve been so drawn to blues lately; I love that wall color!

    I visited Marin County a few years ago and instantly fell in love. Charlie and I dream of moving there after I finish my degree.

    Sending groovy moving vibes your way, Tracy!!


  • Betsy

    Forgive me being so forward, but as one of the real estate disadvantaged here in SF, may I ask if someone has already snapped up your lovely home here? We just had our first baby and are busting at the seams and looking for a new place. And good ones are so hard to find

    Best of luck to you and your family on the big move!!

  • Lori @ Think Global, Art Local

    That silhouette shot of little Cooper is perfection…such a wonderful little moment being captured!

  • Leah

    What a tear it is to be able to move into the house you grew up in!

    Your cat looks exactly like my cat Pickles!

  • Monica

    Good luck with the move!!! Seeing the profile of Cooper reminds me of the first time I tuned in to Shutterbean… to do your beautiful silhouette project!!! 🙂

  • joy the baker

    i love that guest room!! i’ve gotten some good sleeps and awesome Cooper wake up calls in that room!

  • Bridget

    Love this post. It really shows how much care you put into making your house your home. It also makes me wish I were a better photographer. You have a gift for capturing Cooper’s childhood and I can’t wait to see more when you move.

  • Nicki Woo

    I love you guerst room, and mine for that matter. It never occurred to me that I could actually use it to. . .ummm….watch TV. . .even though I’m not a guest. . .well, if wonders never cease.

    You’re changing lives, Tracy. Changing lives.

  • Catalina @ Cake with Love

    Your current house is very beautiful, I love the colors, simple and clean lines, it is very nice, but how cool is that you son will be able to grow in the same house as you did? A house becomes home becasue of all the memories it holds, you have a beautiful son, I am sure he will enjoy growing in the new for him home!

  • Stephie @ Eat Your Heart Out

    I love that you aren’t afraid of mixing color and bold patterns throughout your house. A lot of people don’t know how to do that, but you sure do!

    Good luck with your move, I’m sure it will be worth it in the end!

  • Sarah

    I love the alarm clock on the table! Do you know where I could find it?

  • Au Pair

    Love your guest room. It looks so welcoming and comfy. Most guest rooms are just decorated with left over furniture. It really shows that you’ve put a lot of effort and thought into yours. 🙂

  • Elise Martinez

    I am getting so many inspirational decoration ideas from your house tours! I love the photos you have of your son. So beautiful!

  • dana828

    How wonderful that you get to buy your childhood home! My brother and sister-in-law looked into buying the house he and I grew up in, and even sent me pictures from their tour…but sadly it had not been well-loved in the nearly 20 years since my family had moved out, and they just couldn’t bring themselves to do it. But seeing the pictures was just crazy!

    I can’t wait to see the new place!

  • Kelley

    How exciting!! Congrats on your upcoming move and I can’t wait to see you new home–you’ve got class, you’ve got style. 😉

  • kickpleat

    How exciting (or in my case, that would be odd) to move own your parents house! Can’t wait to see it!!

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