June 29, 2012

I love lists, Friday!


  1. AB Chao rocks a turban like nobody’s business!
  2. For the LOVE OF DONUTS! Look at these blueberry glazed cakey ones.
  3. Should I Work for Free? This will help.
  4. How to Break a Habit. He’s totally onto something here…
  5. This new-to-me blog is darling. I’m smitten.
  6. What a good way to organize seeds!
  7. I want a tiny house. Who doesn’t?
  8. I think I’m gonna make these 4th of July wands with Cooper.
  9. Mojito smoothie. Dang delicious.
  10. I just wanna bury my face in this Tin Roof Ice Cream Cake!
  11. Why are American kids so spoiled? Good read!
  12. The cutest lemonade vendors I’ve ever seen. I’d buy the whole batch…
  13. Advertising & Women. WOW.
  14. If you’re gonna take a kiddo to Disneyland, Alix has you covered.
  15. I’m farming & I grow it. Water water water water yeah!
  16. Frozen Gin Fizzzzzzzzzzzz. So doing it.
  17. 10 Reasons to love Paul Rudd.  Thank you, internet.

TACO-FY! We made up a new word on the Joy the Baker podcast this week. We talk about shortcuts, rompers & dating older dudes. Geeezzzz.

My office is ORGANIZED!!! Check out the latest High Straightenence. Hope it inspires you to organize yours.

My Bites Around the Net:

Freddi did a fantastic job at making my Salmon Cream Cheese recipe.

Erica veganized  my Angel Hair with Lemon & Arugula! Nice work, friend!

  • Freddi

    Hey Tracy, thankyou so much for visiting my site, and for the link! Love listening to you and Joy on the Podcasts. By the way, I totally dig your style 🙂


  • Sheena S.

    Your “My Bites Around the Net” section is brilliant. It’s fascinating to see how recipes evolve in different hands. Have a great weekend!

  • Jane M

    As usual these lists are insanely G.R.E.A.T.!

    I’m bringing those HOLIDAY fruit skewers to a July 4th party we’re invited to! They’ll be the hit of the party – yeppers!

    Love your toe nail polish! GREAT GREAT COLOR!

  • Mandy

    Frozen gin fizz?! Yes, yes and yes.

    The ladies at the Slate Double X podcast talked about that New Yorker article about spoiled kids this week. I’m really excited to read it, especially because I see this spoiled behavior in the college students (adults!) I work with.

    • Tracy

      It’s insanity! I’m really starting to see it now that I’m a parent. What happened??!

  • Amanda Barkey

    what the WHAAAT?! My husband grew up in Peru till he was 18 as his parents were missionaries in a remote part of the Peruvian jungle and they were assigned a specific tribe and THIS WAS THEIR TRIBE! They went out to visit them often and stayed out there with them- hes got some crazy stories! Thanks for posting that link- my husband and his family are going to love reading this article!

  • Christine

    As if the world needed more reasons to love Paul Rudd. Still, I won’t say no to that list.

  • Leah \\ Freutcake

    Oh my goodness, thank you so much for adding me to your list! I’m so glad we you found my blog and in turn I have now found yours. 🙂 Have a lovely weekend!

    • Jane M

      I took my iPad this morning to my most favorite manicurist and she put hearts with the Shellacs on 4 of my nails!!! They came out terrific and it wasn’t too difficult. I’M OVER THE MOON HOW DARN CUTE MY NAILS CAME OUT! So thank you for the tutorial!

  • Kailey

    The article about American kids being spoiled seems really interesting because its true…

  • Jessica @ How Sweet

    thanks for sharing my donuts friend!

  • Shawna Greenway

    I love the little house and need one in my backyard for when family comes to visit BUT I had to stop reading when they started talking about the composting toilet. Ummmm……..no.

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