My Everyday Life: Week 26

Here’s what this past week looked like

Saturday morning breakfast. Kale, eggs & toast.

Someone enjoyed the fudgesicles I made!

This is such a sneaky look, isn’t it?

I found Remy sleeping ON a plant today. Silly cat.


Swirly latte art.

My boys watching Saturday morning cartoons.

Art corner.

Working on a post for High Straightenence.

Speaking of…this week I organized my office!

I made this salad to go. Avocado, arugula, feta, tomatoes & sunflower seeds.


Taking leftovers to neighbor friends!

Boozy Pineapple pops. Recipe coming up.

Serious about cereal eating.

Another reason why it takes coffee to make coffee. Good morning!

Hair cut day! Cooper is also wearing a Silly Band! HA.

I painted my nails coral this week.

This dog is named Daisy. She’s super old.

This is what happens when Cooper sits next to my mom at dinner.


I made you something with blueberries! Recipe coming up soon.

Arizmendi Bakery has the best pizza. This one was super olive-y.

I made my Arugula Avocado & Apple Salad and added raspberries.  Office lunch!

Family Greek Dinner at my house last Sunday.



  • Nicole @ The Dirty Oven

    Gotta love the pics! And you went bright. Love the sparkle finger. Calvin told me that he wanted to smell my fingers after my mani as they looked like candy! Ha! and Boom!

  • Victoria

    Good work on your office! I want to “work” in there. 🙂

    Tell me about your popscicle molds…..Where did you get them? I love the OLD tupperware ones, but can’t find any that compare. Seeing your molds gave me hope because they look smilar. Hopefull they’re not old and done being made!

    Cooper is a cutey! I want to see the picture of your Mom with spoons on her eyes. I don’t have kids yet, but I am sure my Mom will have them acting just like Cooper when he sits by yours.

    • danielle

      I saw some at our Walmart the other day. Also some monster ones (same plastic and type, but they look like monsters) at a Ross nearby.

      I live in Hawaii but I assume most Walmarts would have them with their summer stuff.

  • Jane M

    Gaaaah I just love looking at the back of your son. Little kids headies are so funny to me for some reason. Your lattes are just gorgeous. Do you have a fancy cappuccino machine? 1/2 the year has FLOWN by!!! Woot Woot! We’ll soon be talking about Halloween and Thanksgiving.

    • Tracy

      Thanks Jane! We have a Rancilio Silvia. We love it soooo much! Half a year. ALREADY. whoa.

  • Robyn

    check out the talons on cooper’s hairdresser!

  • Amy

    Do you do anything special to your kale? I like it in salads & I juice it, but I haven’t figured out a good way to fix it for breakfast or as a side dish. Thanks!

    • Tracy

      I sauteed it in olive oil & butter and then at the last minute or so I added chopped garlic. It takes about 8-10 mins. I love it that way.

  • Marilyn

    Cooper is so so so cute : )
    Lovin’ the life your cat is livin’ too ; )

  • JulieGoesHealthy

    I love old dogs like Daisy.

    Boozy pineapple pops are totally necessary for summer.

  • Stephanie

    I miss Arizmendi and Cheeseboard SO MUCH!

    And your rigatoni looks great.

  • megan

    Please do a latte tutorial sometime! You make such a pretty cup!

  • Laura

    I’m in LOVE with the squid. What book is it from?

  • Chris

    I’d love ideas on how to organize purses/bags……??? where to put them?
    My shoe closet is a mess so looking forward to your post!

    Also , I’d been meaning to ask what kind of immersion blender you have and if you recommend it???

    Love your blog and JTB podcast!!!



  • Ellie @ The Bitchin' Kitchin'

    Can we please get a recipe for that rigatoni? Those leftovers look divine!

  • joy the baker

    it looks like a good week indeed! i love all the cooper faces! and the art corner! everything is looking totes maj, maj!

  • Megan

    You’ve got some seriously cute shoes, so know that. And! Cooper’s cerious face! He’s totes adorbs. And I’m such a big fan of that stripy pasta picture! So fun!

    • Tracy

      Thaaaaaaaaaaaanks. People keep telling me (ahem, MOM and Casey) that I have too many shoes. They don’t know what they’re talking about.

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