My Everyday Life: Week 46

Here’s what this past week looked like:

We’re binging on The Peanuts Holiday Collection right now. Cooper loves Snoopy.

Cooper is not a fan of pumpkin butter. This has been established.

Me & the husband have very different latte art styles. This is his.

This is mine. Totally different styles.

Taco night at home. Making your own crispy tacos is the only way to go.

Breakfast at the Dipsea Cafe with my maj. We both got “The Usual.” That biscuit was outrageous.

Getting ready to see Louis C.K. perform. We laughed our faces off for two hours straight.

Isn’t the Davies Symphony Hall GORGEOUS? I loved staring at the ceiling.

Dinner at Jardiniere. The sides were BOMB. Happy Birthday, Michael!

A glorious cloud situation this week.

You best believe I went up to to look at the Golden Gate Bridge. It was soo windy out.

I’m obsessed with this garbanzo/black bean salad from Trader Joe’s.

Eating avocado toast.

While looking at this.

And this is what I see when I look up at the kitchen table. Wow.

Getting Cooper involved in making his lunch has been fun!

This week was another big food week. The little dude is now a fan of peanut butter. GAME CHANGER.

The hot chocolate I made him BEFORE dinner.

It blew his mind that he could have dessert before dinner.

Like….it REALLY blew his mind. I think he told Casey like 4 times that he had dessert before dinner.

It’s important to shake things up a bit.

We went on a little adventure last Sunday. We needed to get out of the house.

So we took a drive to Pt. Reyes and ventured down the Sonoma Coast.

The feeling of putting your hand out of a sunroof. Magic.

A salad that I am going to recreate.

Swaying in the wind.

We took a little detour and Casey did a wine tasting at Fort Ross Vineyard.

Getting some fresh ocean air at the beach.

Mussels are my favorite. If I was a fashion designer, I’d probably do a whole line of clothes based off this photo.

This boy loved running wild.

What an inspiring day!

  • erinlucy

    oh that cooper of yours is such a sweetheart! I love you pictures this week. they look so happy and refreshing with all those clouds and outdoorsy-ness

  • Karin - The F Girl

    That looks like an amazing week, together with your wonderful family. And those mussels look gorgeous that way indeed. I’d buy a dress! 😉

  • Ellen

    Not sure if I am more jealous of getting to see Louie CK or the biscuit:)

  • ste

    You had an amaizing week! Jealous about that window in the kithchen thanks for sharing all this.

  • megan

    Please share your latte-making secrets!!! Beautiful week, as always.

  • Deborah

    The balela salad from Trader Joe’s!!! I love that stuff…Chickpeas and black beans and spices are so good.

  • Becky

    We really DID have amazeballs clouds this week! Glad you had a good one xo

  • cindy

    cooper looks like such a big kid now! wow!
    what a fun/amazing week!

  • Megan | Eats Daily

    What a great week! I think I like your latte style better ;)How do you do it? I am going to see Louis CK in January and am sooo pumped

  • Sini

    Oh I love the first picture of Cooper 🙂

  • whoorl

    Cooper is just gorgeous. For reals.

  • Amanda B

    what a beautiful week- so calming & relaxing… cant wait for you to recreate that salad btw, looks so good

  • Jessica

    Gosh, I remember when you announced you were pregnant with Cooper! Now look at how big he is!! Such a cutie.

  • Caley

    Hehe. Hot chocolate before dinner??! Sooooo crazy!! I love it!

  • Emily dee

    I’m sure you’ve heard it a hundred times…but will you do a post on how you make your latte? I’m really wanting a new espresso machine and don’t know which to get! I make a latte every morning but they never look like yours! Please share! (i probably should look through your blog to see if you’ve already done this and I just missed it! sorry if that’s the case!)

  • Megan

    One of my fav things: avocado toast! Yum!! And 2nd fav: hot chocolate!! Great pics! Thanks for sharing!!

  • Ann

    I want to know what kind of coffee machine you have. I can’t texturize my milk like that – you’re both good at it. You had some delicious food this week, love the sides at Jardiniere’s.
    I’m on the same wavelength as you with the delicious looking proscuitto, peach and fresh mozzarella salad. Have a look at this if you have time (sorry haven’t made it yet, but it’s on my list)

  • Jayne

    What beautiful pictures. Very nice clouds and scenery. Clouds inspire my brother as well. He’s at Borneo, in the forest for a social expedition to help the natives with their basic necessities. He was really homesick for a while and found that the brilliant stars at night calmed him down. Clouds do the same for him. So I can understand your love for cloud patterns and lights. 🙂

    Btw, I’m so jealous you can get really good salad from off the supermarket! Those here are always either turning brown, soggy or just basically inedible. boo!

  • stacy

    Love these, especially the mussel photo. I Love mussels on a rock at the ocean as well. I also love that Cooper got cocoa before dinner- I’ll have to do that for my daughter- thanks for the idea!

  • Michelle {LiveLoudly}

    What beautiful pictures you’ve taken over the week. How cute is it that he got sooo excited for dessert before dinner. Nice mom you are 😉
    The hall is gorgeous inside, I’d be staring at the ceiling too.

    -Michelle {LiveLoudly}
    Health Coach

  • Panya

    The rule in my car is that no one is allowed to stick their body parts out of the windows while it’s in motion, not even the dogs, because I could’ve died doing that once and it scarred me for life. I’d stuck my hand out of a window and hit a bee head-on with my palm while riding at 40mph — I could tell it was a bee and that it was head-on because there was visible pollen all over my hand, but no stinger — I was left with a half-inch red circle on my palm and an itchy rash, because not only am I allergic to a lot of pollens, I’m allergic to bees! If that bee had been facing the other way, I could’ve died from anaphylaxis. Seriously, I could have freaking died from hitting a bee with my hand — can you get any more ridiculous than that? So yeah, no one’s doing that around me.

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