August 2, 2012

Out to Eat: Balthazar

While I was in New York last week, I had brunch at Balthazar. It’s one of my favorite places to eat when I’m in New York. I think this Brunch marked my fourth time there. Always a pleasure! ALWAYS.


The menu…

I should note that we had brunch on a weekday so the menu was a little different. Weekend brunch is amaze!

A few of the ladies in our group ordered Bloody Marys. Good job, ladies!

I had myself a coffee. I needed to wake up!

And for my breakfast I ordered the scrambled eggs in puff pastry with asparagus & mushrooms.

Flaky buttery crust & creamy eggs. Perfection!

Over to my left you can see what my brother ordered. Belgium waffles with berries & sour cream.

The sour cream was a nice touch. It rounded out the sweetness of the dish.

Also! Sausage. Tasty.

My friend Trent ordered the eggs Florentine. It looked exquisite.

Action shot!! Everyone is reaching for something!

And the OMG I am so full shot. Always have to put one in there.

Don’t worry, I ate the top of my puff pastry. I save the best for last.

If you’re ever in New York, make a reservation. Get some oysters & champagne while you’re there and don’t forget to binge on bread & butter. It’s exceptional there!!


80 Spring Street (between Broadway & Crosby)

New York, NY 10012



  • Kate @ eatrecyclerepeat

    I love the clouds in the coffee cup!

  • Marine

    I haven’t eaten at Balthazar in years but there are two things I recall loving from there: breads of any sort, and the steak tartar. MMM!

  • Diane

    I saw the beginnings of this on Instagram and it instantly made me hungry. Also, puff pastry makes everything better.

  • Jennifer Read

    Too funny. When I saw the top to the puff pastry uneaten, I was like, “who would do that?” I sighed in relief when I saw your comment afterward saying “don’t worry”! Thanks for mentioning that! As always, I love seeing what’s cooking and what you’re up to! It makes my day to check your posts.

    • Tracy

      hahaha! I was looking back at the picture and thought- WAAAAAIT. I totally ate that cuz I actually remember peeling through the circular layers. You know me…

  • Christina

    Every time I try to go (on a weekend) it’s completely booked! Perhaps one of these days I’ll learn my lesson and make a reservation? I sense a girl’s brunch coming on 😉

  • Megan

    Looks really fun and tasty. I’m finally going to New York at the end of this month! Maybe I’ll try this place!

  • Emily

    I absolutely love this place. I have the cookbook. I worked at a coffee shop on the Upper East Side for a couple years before I even knew what a fabulous place this was and I took the leftover pastries home every night. Yeah, apricot danishes were my dinner hahaha. Now that I don’t live in NY anymore and I use the cookbook I think how luxurious that is. I love going there for my birthday and going all out. The cookbook has a recipe for like Tower de Fruits des Mer and it is like “buy amazing seafood, put on tower of ice, serve with cocktail sauce” I told my husband to make that for Valentine’s Day and he said it just wouldn’t turn out the same. So one day I hope to go there and get Tower de Seafood with a whole group of friends.

  • natalie@thesweetslife

    oooh love brunch, and I’m headed to NYC later in August…so feel free to post any other recommendations 😉

  • bethany

    AWWWWW I love this place!!! I am missing home so much right now!!!! I’m excited to see where else you ate!! I hope you hit up the doughnut plant!! I never go to NYC and not go there, but you have to be a doughnut lover too!!

  • Jenny

    I’ve lived in New York for 2 years now and haven’t been to Balthazar yet! Now it’s at the top of my list. Looking forward to any more recommendations you have for amazing meals in NY!

  • Ashley

    You should try Freeman’s next time you go. It’s only a few blocks away, tucked in a little alley. You will feel like you found a hidden treasure with great food to be had inside!

  • Megan

    Every year I visit NYC and I always make a lunch reservation here. I usually order the same thing, too. I can’t help it. Sometimes I get crazy and order a different entree. I love this place! I lived in the city for 1 year – that’s when it became my fav spot for lunch.

  • laura k

    This place has been on my radar for awhile, but I’ve never been. I’m hoping for a New York trip in the next year or so…and this place is going on the list. It looks like a lovely spot.

    One of my favorite NY spots is Artisanal. Next you go back, you should check it out. My family had Thanksgiving dinner there once and it was a very memorable and special night.

  • Kim

    My sis is in NYC right now for a wadding (wedding, but I like to pronounce it like in Father of the Bride), so I forwarded her this rec, hopefully she’ll have time to go.

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