My Everyday Life: Week 39

Here’s what this past week looked like:

Afternoon light in Oakland.


My new favorite drink. I’ll share!

Making something with apple butter. Who wants to lick the beaters?!

My favorite tuna salad sandwich & some reading.

Tuna salad for dinner. It was a tuna filled day.

Working on two recipes at once looks like this. You don’t want to see what the sink looks like.

Drawing during breakfast.

Cooper told me this was a whale with people inside the belly.

The morning I made Cream of Wheat for a boy who loves oatmeal.

It didn’t go over well. AHHH! There was tears.

Simple. Goodness.

Morning light with my boo.

I think he had a major growth spurt this week. He turns 4 on Tuesday!!  I am not ready for this.

Brunch at my friend Denise’s house.

Such a beautiful spread! So nice to hang out with Dana, Cheryl & Allison as well! xoxo

Oh…and butter from France. Not too shabby.

A croissant on my dashboard. YOLO.

Cottage cheese, bananas, wheat germ & honey. Breakfast!

Another breakfast! We went to Theresa & Johnny’s.

This is where I overheard a guy order his hashbrowns to be SOFT/NOT CRISPY.  Blashphemy!

Strawberry shake at Bubba’s Diner. Red Flag. Guy ate here. Bing.

Drawing while waiting….

for a HOT DOG. I’m too distracted by his cute little fingers that keep getting bigger.

My friend Stacy & her husband host exceptional farm dinners at their house. I attended my first dinner last Sunday.

This one was geared around their tomato crop from their backyard farm.

You can check more out here.

It was an exceptionally warm day. Blue skies, lovely food and fantastic company.

I was quite mesmerized by the strings of lights. I had beef tongue and it totally didn’t freak me out.

I think I’m going to put some strings of lights up next summer. Isn’t it gorgeous?

And I absolutely loved seeing the reflection of the lights in the silverware.


  • Shana

    I love cream of wheat – it was our favourite breakfast growing up. What do you put on yours? Was that brown sugar and butter or honey?

  • Julie J.

    So jealous that you get to hang out with Dana and Cheryl … you three ladies are my fav bloggers. Now that Dana is in the Bay Area, you three will probably be getting into all kinds of good things! I’ll look forward to reading all about it!

  • Ashley

    Cooper kills me! Those faces! I just love how you document your days. Beautiful!

  • Amanda Barkey

    wow, so many pictures of breakfast foods this week! i love it!

  • Ellen

    Me. I would. I would like to lick the beaters! Or at least YOLO that croissant.

  • erinlucy

    milo and cooper are almost exactly a year apart! i love looking at milo’s little fingers too. Little kid hands are just so cute.
    I don’t think I could eat beef tongue. Even typing that freaked me out.
    I love the breakfast spot in your new/old house. it’s so sunny and lovely

  • Sara

    Cream of Wheat is one thing I seriously miss after having to go gluten free! I used to make it super thick, not soupy. With milk, honey, and cinnamon….yum!

  • Diane

    Oooh, can’t wait to hear about that drink! Is there some toddy action going on?

  • Lucia

    Love the string of lights, the silverware, and the croissant too 😉

  • amanda (simplemittens)

    I love the butter just on the bread board! Do you have a source for tea towels or are they just from everywhere? the little house towel is too cute!

  • biobabbler

    1. Who puts on such amazing dinners? What is their motivation? Sounds amazing. And I just STARE at my heaps of tomatoes and think “I really need to do something about them… soon….” AdMIRE!
    2. Every time I see a string of lights (small to tiny) I am amazed at how much magic they create. Don’t understand it (am science chick) but am transfixed.
    3. What is UP with that first photograph?!? That’s SO COOL and abstract, I freakin’ LOVE it.
    4. Love your eye re: photography (e.g., magic spoon). Delightful.
    5. What does “Guy at there.” mean (text for strawberry shake photo)? Did you mean guy up there? (curious + compulsive editor)
    6. (LAST, promise) Only excuse for soft hashbrowns is a huge craving & same-day dental procedure.

  • Kim

    Your weekly photo journals have totally inspired me to start one of my own! What a excellent reminder to stop and enjoy the moment. Thanks for sharing your week 🙂

  • Beth

    BEAUTIFUL post! More more more of these please and thank you.

  • jenny

    I read that issue of bon appetit this week, too! and now I totally want a strawberry milkshake, preferably under one of those strings of lights. 🙂

  • regan

    Holy shit, that picture of Cooper looking like a kid just about made me cry! He’s so big! And just going to get bigger! And mine are going to get big too! What the fuck is wrong with me, why am I being so emotional? I blame you. Bitch.

  • Emma

    Ooooh. That pecan chocolatey, caramelly things looks amazing. Is the recipe coming soon?

  • Elise Martinez

    Looks like an awesome week! I love those lights as well. My hubby and I are going to be moving out of our apartment into a house and I cannot wait to host parties in our backyard 😀

  • Laura

    Loved this. Especially the cream of wheat lol.

  • Tina

    This looks like such a fabulously food filled weekend. I love it. Oh and that photo in your kitchen of the silhouettes is great!

  • natalie@thesweetslife

    i still remember the tantrum i threw when my mom served me pancakes instead of waffles. i wanted squares, not circles dang it!!! i quickly fell in love though and realized they were close enough! hopefully Cooper is the same with oatmeal and cream of wheat 😉

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