November 4, 2022


What is good for you isn't good for me- I LOVE LISTS by Tracy Benjamin of Shutterbean.com


  1. Why it’s so hard to stop eating chips. 
  2. These are the best store-bought pie crusts. 
  3. Huey Lewis sold his music catalog. Reminded me of my Mom.
  4. I wonder when we’ll get an Aldi in our area. 
  5. What horses look like from below. 
  6. Oddly satisfying pictures.
  7. Drone footage timelapse from Burning Man looks like a video game.
  8. Photos of camping in the 1950s.
  9. Sassy test answers from kids. 
  10. I had never heard of sleep apnea before. 
  11. What’s the best frozen cheese pizza?
  12. Instagram vs. Reality.
  13. The best celebrity Halloween costumes of 2022.
  14. I want to play with synthesizers. 
  15. College students love living in a senior home. 
  16. This sweater with this dress,  these boots + scarf
  17. Black legos are soo cool.
  18. This building is full of plants! 
  19. My party planner template will help you plan Thanksgiving! 
  20. Listening to: Inner Voice by Lake Bell  (I’m enjoying it so much!)

  • Molly

    I’m not positive, but I thought I’d read that because Trader Joe’s and Aldi are branches of the same family tree they can’t both be in an area. We have Aldi in my town and I’m definitely a member of the Aldi cult.

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