December 27, 2013

I love lists, Friday!


  1. Then & Now pictures of the 1906 Earthquake in SF. Fascinating!
  2. I can’t wait to listen to this while I take a walk this weekend.
  3. This post makes me super jealous.
  4. For the animated gif lover…
  5. There are some gems on this list!
  6. This is incredible. I’ve always been fascinated by what’s under the sea.
  7. Cookbooks I just added to my collection: One/Two/Three
  8. 10 Signs You’re a Total Capricorn. This is for my mom.
  9. In 2014, I’d like to make more crepes.
  10. Chai Honey Old Fashioned? I’ll take 2 please/thank you.
  11. This is the most enticing smoothie I’ve seen!
  12. 5 Essential Tips for Baking Bread.  I need this.
  13. Hello, DREAM MAC & CHEESE.
  14. The kind of pancakes I dream about.
  15. This salad looks like it would be a good reset button after the holidays.
  16. It’s resolution time! It’s all about accountability.

but wait theres more

There’s a new Joy the Baker podcast. It’s our last one of 2013!  Just Lift Everything!


The Little Bite added marshmallows to my  Flourless Chocolate Coconut Drop Cookies

The Peach Bellini made my Crunchy Peppermint Bark

Lucy the Baker also made my Crunchy Peppermint Bark

The Kitchen Paper made my Bourbon Salted Caramels 

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