June 11, 2011

365- Week 22

A food related photo everyday until 2012. Here’s week 22:

162/365 Spinach salad with tomatoes, mushrooms, walnuts, bacon & ricotta salata.

spinach salad

161/365  Ingredients for the Cabbage Apple Slaw with Maple Glazed Pecans.


160/365 Making a batch of Freezer Burritos.

making freezer burritos!

159/365 Apples, pretzels & letter cookies with Cooper.

snack time/coloring time

158/365 SUN!!!! And a cocktail outside in the backyard. YES.


157/365  Afternoon snack- water, raspberries & a chocolate granola bar.

water, raspberries, bar

156/365 Strawberries & oranges for snack on a rainy day.

oranges & strawberries

  • Johanna

    Hi from Finland! Just few days ago I found your blog via Joy the baker and your podcast, and have been reading since then. I love your photos, your food(photos) and your style & decorations at home. And also enjoy your podcasts!

    I’m so glad I found my way here, this is really an inspirational place. I actually might start cooking other than “the usual”, which I’m really bored of doing (even the rest of the family just wants the same old…).

    Do you have any tips how one could get 11-year-old to try new things? He is really picky these days. He loves/eats salmon, broccoli, mashed potatoes, and pasta bolognese. That’s about it…

    What is the red coctail in your glass? Looks delicious 🙂

    • Tracy


      Does your 11 year old have any interest in cooking/baking? He might be more into eating things he made himself!

      cocktail= gin & blood orange soda!

  • Johanna


    He likes to bake carrot cupcakes and make banana smoothies. You have a point there; I could try to get him to be more involved in the kitchen! It might be a challenge since xbox is more interesting these days than do cooking with mommy…

    I have to try that coctail!

    Thanks for the tips!

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