August 7, 2014

Bananas + Cinnamon + Honey

Banana + Honey + Cinnamon //shutterbean

Why eat a plain banana when you can eat a banana with cinnamon & honey??!  There’s something so satisfying about slicing up a banana, drizzling a small amount of honey on top and finishing with heavy dose of cinnamon.  I find that when I make food bite sized and I serve it on a plate, my impulse to scarf it down all at once subsides.  Bananas deserve a little more reverence, you know?

  • kim

    Your Thursday nibble/snack posts are FABULOUS!!! This one in particular-you nailed it!
    Healthy decadence. Thank you for taking the time to offer fun ideas for quick bites-truly appreciated 🙂

  • Tom @ Raise Your Garden

    What a great spin on a banana, and you always have a couple left turning a little brown that you don’t want to waste. Drizzling a little honey and cinnamon on top sounds like an excellent idea to me. And cinnamon is supposedly able to regulate blood sugar, at least that’s what I read so this makes it an even better way to start your day!

  • Kim

    Mmm I had banana + cinnamon + almond butter as a side with breakfast.

  • Dani

    Oh my, one of my favourite combos too!

    But even better when the banana is FROZEN! You gotta try it!


  • tara

    Mmm cinnamon + bananas + honey = deliciousness!

  • Katie @ The Surly Housewife

    Gotta try this! Looks so good 🙂

  • Lina

    What a great, simple idea! It will be an especially good fall dessert (maybe because of the cinnamon?)–not that I’m ready for fall yet!

  • Heather M Smith

    I mix those three ingredients in a bowl of oatmeal….soooo good!!

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