March 4, 2016


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Welcome to I Love Lists Friday! Let’s surf the internet together.

  1. What women find in friends they may not get from love
  2. Churros forever and ever amen.
  3. Let’s fold some clothes!
  4. Moms with mad braiding skills. 
  5. We all have jerks inside our heads.
  6. The art that Leonardo DiCaprio is into
  7. Tweets that will make sense if you’re married.
  8. I’m going to try out #5 soon.  #organizinghacks
  9. Whoa! I’d love to try an oatmeal latte.
  10. My kind of salad.
  11. Casey and I are headed to Vancouver soon. Needed this!
  12. I always wanted a pegboard. 
  13. What Morgan Freeman has learned
  14. These photos will make you anxious with anticipation.
  15. Gimme this bowl of deliciousness.
  16. I wonder if I could fall asleep in this?  Probably not.
  17. Currently reading Better than Before
  18. This photo series makes me want to go on vacation SO BAD.
  19. Kids are so awesome at hiding.
  20. On the day I die….

Food from the archives for your weekend:

Things that caught my eye:

  • Jane M

    Thank you for #7 on your list! OMG I laughed OUTLOUD and then shared it to my like 2 friends on FB! Happy FRIDAY!

  • bob

    in Vancouver, i recommend
    the twisted fork bistro (the brunch is really good but you’ll want everything on the evening menu)
    hokkaido ramen santouka for amazing ramen (the wait is worth it!)

    if you’re in the area, grab some lunch at the dirty apron cooking school delicatessen, or pass by after breakfast at nearby Chambar.


  • valerie

    oh those tweets re: marriage are awesome! several made me laugh out loud – such a treat. thanks for including it on your list!

  • Robyn

    I highly recommend Butter Baked Goods in Vancouver! It’s the cutest bakery with amazing treats! I think you guys would also like Japadog.

  • Jake

    Thanks! I’m off on a Vancouver spring getaway next weekend (green grass, daffodils, oysters, good coffee). So many options for eats. Always fun to try a new place.

    I also like Bambudda in Gastown/Railtown. Forage/Timber on Robson. I like the oyster bar at Sutton Place Hotel.

    NOT a foodie thing, but a breakfast at the Sylvia Hotel on English Bay is mandatory for me. A frumpy traveller’s hotel, Janet the waitress has been there for 40 years, just a nice place by the water to have a pleasant start to the day. Standard breakfasts/90s décor. I usually go after a walk around the entire Stanley Park seawall (9kms). Their bar is also ok for an average cocktail or a pint to watch the sunset. The bar opened in 1954, and was the first cocktail bar in Vancouver. The A-maze-ing Laughter sculpture my Yue Minjun is across the street, worth checking out.

    A good cocktail scene in Vancouver as well. Try the Keefer in Chinatown, or the Lobby Lounge at the Hotel Georgia. Prohibition at the Georgia too. The Shameful Tiki Room. Dozens of good places.

    Van Dusen Botanical Garden, The Museum of Anthropology (at UBC), The Bill Reid Gallery, The Chinese Philosophers Garden, Vancouver Art Gallery. The little sea taxis are a fun way to get around False Creek (Granville Island, Yaletown, West End).


    • Tracy

      Thanks for all the tips, Jake! We went there on our honeymoon and when I was pregnant with Cooper. We’re going back for our 10 year anniversary so it’s going to be so fun to see how much it’s changed since we’ve been there. Enjoy your trip!

  • molly

    thank you tracy!! and ps you’d look so cute in that necklace. xx

  • Jamie

    Organizing hacks #6 – I can finally get rid of that crap?! Thank you, Tracy, you made my day. = )

  • Leslie Rossi

    Vancouver! Yay! There is so much to do and eat now, I mean don’t eat for a week before coming! The Art Gallery has a great exhibit right now so visit that too. Also Bodega on Main, El Caminos, Tacofino, L’Abbatoir, The Diamond for cocktails, Ask for Luigi, Belgard Kitchen, Le Tableau, any ramen on Robson street or just right off it, Nuba, Meat & Bread, ah I could go on!

    Have fun!

  • Mira

    My partner and I went to Vancouver last autumn, and our standout meals were at Medina and Burdock and Co. Medina is a very busy, very hip brunch place, but MAN that was a good breakfast. Burdock and Co. is organic Northwest (err, I guess Southwest for Canada) cuisine, and it was absolutely delicious. I definitely recommend checking those restaurants out if you have time! Have a great trip!

  • Jenn

    Vancouver! that’s my hood! Lots of great suggestions – I’ll add the Grouse Grind with a gondola down if you’re feeling adventurous, or just go up and down in the gondola and have dinner at the top… The restaurant called Seasons in the Park is a nice place to go for a nice dinner out, and it has an amazing view of the city (sit on the patio!). The usual – Granville Island, Yaletown, Gastown, Stanley park – lots of good suggestions above too! walking Robson > Denman > back up Davie is a good walk and a good chance to see the West End.

    Send me an email if you’d like more suggestions, or if you are looking for something specific!

  • jill

    Hi thank you so much for sharing number 20

  • Hannah

    Another great list! I save these posts for Saturday mornings, my son wakes up early, we stumble downstairs…he plays legos with hot chocolate and I click through your list with my coffee. That quiet time in our house, just him and I, is one of my most favorite parts of the week. Thanks for being part of our Saturday routine!

  • Shantel

    When I looked at the photo in this article, for a quick second, I thought the text said, “Gravity is not a competition.” whoops. I love these lists and finding new things to look at while I relax on the weekend. Thanks!

  • Kim

    Looking forward to seeing your Vancouver photos…my hometown!

    I would second Bob & Leslie’s suggestions above. For your in-between meal eating, I would highly recommend Cartems (I prefer their cake donuts to the yeast ones) and Earnest Ice Cream!

  • Ashley Hildebrand

    Vancouver! Love this city. I definitely agree with the article, a koign amann at Beaucoup Bakery is a must! Also, coffee: 49th Parallel, Matchstick, Revovler. I feel like you’d love this little microbrewery called 33 Acres Brewing for an afternoon sip, and catch whatever food truck is outside for lunch.

    For food, again the article is great and everything that everyone else has mentioned, but I would add just for the sake of it: Burgoo, East is East (get the Feast, trust me), I feel like you would love Tacofino Commisionary, Shiro for some simple, humble sushi, the new Vij’s on Cambie,


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