May 19, 2017


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Welcome to I LOVE LISTS!! It’s Friday, let’s surf the internet together!

  1. You’re eating too damn much.
  2. Prettiest gifts- homemade bath salts.
  3. How to navigate a career change
  4. Big Sur is beautiful/it’s a hard place to run a restaurant
  5. Make your own crumpets!!
  6. Oh HELL NO.
  7. How much does your Insta-Perfect Van Life cost?
  8. I love this print/painting  and this one makes me want a drink.
  9. I hear this is pretty good if you’re looking for meditation recommendations
  10. The biggest movie the year I was born was Moonraker
  11. Maj, you should send Cooper some!!
  12. Shake Shack facts for all you lovers out there.
  13. Newsflash: men don’t belong in rompers
  14. Are you gonna watch this? I might be too distracted by the makeup.
  15. If I wore jumpsuits, I’d probably buy this one.
  16. I firmly believe that animals are very therapeutic for us. I LOVE MY CATS.
  17. My In & Out Order: Double double protein animal style with K & M instead.
  18. Whaaaaat. Google is blowing my mind.
  19. If you need some salad inspiration, this book looks great.
  20. Why we lie.
  21. SIGN ME UP
  22. I want to go to the Grand Canyon so baaaaaaaaaaad.
  23. What’s Tom from Myspace doing now? He’s a photographer!!
  24. Some wise words from Will Ferrell.

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  • Jane M


  • Shawna

    Van Life cracks me up! We have a 1986 VW Westphalia that we bought from the original owner 11 years ago right before our daughter started private school since we knew we’d be broke and could only afford to go camping on the West Coast. It’s a great vehicle and we’ve been to some amazing places with both kids now but would I want to live in it? HELL NO! God, why the hell would anyone choose to do that? Cramped spaces, no shower, gas guzzling vehicle, hoping to God that it doesn’t break down while you’re on the road since most mechanics have no idea how to work on it. I appreciate the need to want to travel the world and get your hippy thing on, but seriously, no. There was a great article in the New Yorker a few weeks back about this couple who are doing it and it talks about how they have a ton of sponsors and followers on IG and how the photos that get the most Likes are when the woman is half naked with their dog. Of course those are the favorites! You should check it out, and then look at their IG feed. They seem like super nice people but I have a huge issue with someone else paying for my “lifestyle”.

  • Natalie

    I have never had a crumpet, but I really want to make #5! They look scrumptious! Number 6. – gross.

  • Anne

    A good way to start the weekend: reading your Friday lists for inspiration – thanks!
    Favourite movie of year I was born: The Ecorcist ?! LOL!
    Pet sitter on holidays? WOW!! Need to get resumes as has been doing it “locally” for years now….
    Shake Shack book – no more pondering about what to give a friend for her birthday
    Have a nice weekend!!

  • Ciara

    I’m moving from Seattle back to MA at the end of this summer and have a not very direct road trip planned. It so far involves the Redwoods, Yosemite, Death Valley, the Grand Canyon, Carlsbad Caverns and some more gorgeous places I’ve never been. The vanlife and Grand Canyon time lapse links are just adding to my absurd excitement for this trip, though mine for sure won’t be as glamorously instagrammed.
    Thank you for all the great links as always 🙂

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