April 23, 2018

Intentions for the Week:

Looking to get your head in the game? Tracy from Shutterbean makes a weekly TO DO LIST called her Intentions for the Week. Here's what this week looks like:

Hello Friends!

Happy Monday to you. This weekend was ALLLLLLLL ABOUT BASEBALL. We went to the Red Sox vs. A’s game on Friday. Red Sox won! Then they blew it the next few games.  Cooper had a baseball game. I got too much sun. We went to a pool party and extroverted.  I tried to get ahead of some work this week. The next few weeks are going to be mentally taxing so I am going to make sure I have all of my bases covered (as much as I can!) for the week to run relatively smoothly.  I think I’m going to start with cleaning out my purse & car. That will help my sanity level for sure.

Intentions for the Week:

  • clean out purse
  • clean out car
  • recipe testing
  • schedule haircut
  • sort out my inbox
  • work out at the gym x 3
  • be more conscious of what I eat
  • make a batch of kombucha
  • make banana bread 
  • computer work/planning for photoshoot
  • work on my painting practice #100daysartbeforebreakfast
  • send out orders from The Handwriting Club (thank you!)
  • finish spreadsheet work/email project info
  • edit photos/posts
  • find the charger for my Fitbit
  • stay on top of laundry
  • try to be good about drinking water


Last Week’s Intentions:

  • workout/sweat/get the feelings out
  • pack for trip
  • finish laundry- get it back to ground zero
  • drink water
  • put all winter clothes away
  • clean out fridge/freezer
  • straighten up office space
  • send off taxes
  • catch up on social media/email
  • work on my #100dayproject (#100daysartbeforebreakfast)
  • make recipe from Pretty Dish  —> oatmeal! 
  • send out packages (friends & family) didn’t have time to organize
  • find the charger for my Fitbit  (still looking….)
  • keep organized with my bullet journal
  • send out orders for The Handwriting Club

Mantra for the Week:

Intentions for the Week/ Shutterbean.com

Wishing a productive week with just enough time to rest! Don’t forget to take the time to write our your Intentions for the Week. It sure helps! 

  • MK

    You inspire me. I hope to be as tough & driven as you someday.

  • Megan

    Girl, the race to summer is ON!!

    Purse cleaning: My daughter came in from school and asked if she could pack my new (Christmas) purse before we left for the evening. And so she did…and I’ve felt off-kilter ever since! For one thing, it’s entirely too light without the detritus, and also she didn’t include any of the extras that keep me feeling well-stocked. But she was on the right track — it DEFINITELY needed to be done. Hopefully, I’ll get around to adding the finishing touches before Christmas rolls around again.

  • Meghan

    I always loose my fitbit charger! Why is it so hard to track (b/c it’s so short!)

    I do intentions for the week, beacuse of your posts. Sending you love, thought of you today reading this: https://cupofjo.com/2018/04/advice-stories-on-grief-loss/#comments

  • Christina

    Hi Tracy, thanks for being so transparent with your intentions. I started writing some intentions for the month and then reflecting on those intentions. It’s given me lots of perspective and clear cut guidance for myself.

    Hope you find your Fitbit charger and survive baseball season.

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