April 25, 2014

I love lists, Friday!

i love lists friday

  1. Oh this recipe! And that letter! My heart is happy.
  2. Way to fancy up a drugstore candle. This is fantastic.
  3. I want to make my own hand-stamped necklace. Too cute.
  4. You had me at GARLIC KNOTS.
  5. Gonna make my own Italian Sodas this summer!
  6. This pinterest board cracks me up.
  7. Pea guacamole? Color me intrigued.
  8. It would be so nice to read a book during the afternoon at this house made of windows.
  9. Pranks can be awesome and smile inducing.
  10. These cupcakes look AMAZING. I love pistachio anything.
  11. Watching the Lindsay Lohan show was a guilty pleasure of mine so this cracks me up.
  12. People reveal the most WTF thing they saw at their friends house… (ugh!)
  13. I love this photo series of people & their cars.
  14. 40 Incredibly True Facts About Everyday Life .  Pretty funny.
  15. Louis C.K. is one of my favorites. I loved reading about him.
  16. Are you watching The Voice? This is like my favorite song EVER. Holy crap at 1:15

Did you catch the latest Joy the Baker Podcast? Joy has a ghost in her building and I accidentally mention Devil with a Blue Dress On. MY BAD. We also talk about blog burnout and my aching back! Good times. Good times.

My friend Danielle started a new series on her blog called  A Few Last Things. I’m the first person she interviewed. Check it out!

Another interview! This one is for Honestly Yum. Can you guess what I chose between wine, a cocktail or a cappuccino??  Thanks for including me on the Sites You Love!


Currently Craving made my Crispy Smashed Potatoes

Tangerine Canteen was inspired by my Taco Night Party from waaaaay back when.



    I LOVE these posts, I look forward to them every single Friday! 🙂

  • christina

    Love your Friday lists… and great podcast this week. Need to post comments more often but always seem to forget! One though, when you want to post about coconut cream pie but feel discouraged because there are so many on pinterest do it anyway! Its so hard to know which recipes to trust! A shutter bean endorsement is so much better than just a pretty picture on pinterest!

  • Natalia (basmatilime.blogspot.com)

    those garlic knots look amazing, but NOTHING compares to those garlic twists you made sometime ago… OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!

  • Emily @ Life on Food

    I enjoyed the last few things post. clever idea and a great way to get to know others a bit more.

  • Hannah @ All-Purpurse and Semi-Sweet

    Sit down every Friday with my oats and read about what you’ve been reading 🙂 Thanks for keeping me company!

  • Paula

    I’m spending the rest of my day on that Pinterest board. “#StopTryingToMakeRumspringaHappenGretchen” I mean…this is way better than coding.

  • Heather

    Ugh, the WTF things that people saw at their friends’ houses? I think I threw up in my mouth a little.

  • Heather

    Thanks for the mention, Tracy. I really do love those smashed potatoes… seriously life changing!

  • Libby

    Loved your “interview” on Danielle’s blog! What a fun series.

  • Jamie

    LOVE the hipster pins. In like vein, search Pinterest for My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler Daughter (aka Quinoa). It’s a riot.

  • Sarah

    This post makes every Friday morning! It’s the most welcome distraction from my work emails 🙂

    • Tracy

      Can you imagine how much of a distraction it is putting a list together??! You have no idea how many tabs I have open and how lost I get on the internet. Hehe. I take one for the team 😉

  • Taylor

    Seriously dying over that pinterest board! hahaha!!!


  • Adrianna from A Cozy Kitchen

    I’m on this list two Fridays in a row! AHHH! I feel shy! xox Thank you!

  • Mira C

    That photo of the sand and foam is GORGEOUS. You have a great eye for photos!

    YES to homemade italian sodas this summer. For reals.

    I always look forward to your Friday Lists. Thank you so much, Tracy!

  • Diane

    Just want to thank you and let you know how much you inspire me with your beautiful eye for photography, amazing organizational skills and creative cooking recipes. I listened to your most recent podcast with Joy and I realized how much I appreciate both of you but never comment on your blogs. I am the quiet observer. I read your blogs, listen to your podcast, enjoy your instagram…I take take take so selfishly without every giving back by at least commenting to let you know I am out here like so many others enjoying what you do. So Thank You. I think both you and Joy are amazing.

  • Homer


    I followed the link from your interview with Todd from @HonestlyYum and I’m very glad I did. All I can say is, why have I not been here before?! Your site is wonderful, fun, inspiring. One thing a good writer/blogger does is make her readers feel comfortable and welcomed. You’ve accomplished this and then some! I’m very, very happy that the good folks over at Honestly ran their post today. I’ve book marked Shutterbean and will be checking back as a regular, count on it!

  • Jane M

    Still drying my eyes from the Prank it forward. Oh do I love/live for HAPPY ENDINGS!

  • Katie @ The Surly Housewife

    I LOVE Louis CK. Saw him perform at the Chicago Theatre. Such an amazing experience. Can’t wait for his next season!

  • foodnerd

    That cover of Sam Smith’s – Stay with Me was really good!! I’ve been burned out on the voice this season but maybe I should tune back in

  • Helen @ Scrummy Lane

    Did you see the video of the nun on the Italian version of The Voice singing an Alicia Keys song? Amazing!
    Looking forward to reading all the interviews!

  • Tracy | Pale Yellow

    I’ve made that recipe for pea guacamole before. It’s tasty and you don’t even notice the peas. It’s a great way to stretch the avocado with their expensive or not at their best.

  • Rachel

    Hey Tracy! I follow your blog daily and also listen to you on Joy the Baker. I rarely ever comment… but I wanted to say thanks for all your awesome content. I really do love it. Your posts are creative, interesting, and are written with such a unique voice. I also love your style (you inspired me to break out my checkered Vans from high school!) and listening to your podcast. Your laugh and sense of humor remind me so much of my best friend who moved away. Listening to your have a conversations with Joy always brightens my day! I just wanted to let you know all this because of what you said about being in a rut. I appreciate all that you do and I hope that you continue to post. I’m sure others feel the same as me. You have more of an impact than you realize 🙂 Thank you again!

    Your fan,

  • Kate

    Wow! That prank brought tears to my eyes! Also, I loved both of your interviews. That bacon tip is genius!

  • Traci

    I’m glad I clicked through to The Voice clip, I love that song too!

  • whoorl

    I love Louis CK something fierce. Good article!

  • Emma

    The best internet round-up by far!

  • Jordan

    #1. That letter! – I’m holding back tears at work…and want pesto for lunch now.

  • Ananda

    I love that sand picture. It’s so hypnotic!

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