May 18, 2008

just a warning…

we’re in remodeling mode around in my kitchen! This means we’ll be eating outdoors for the next few weeks…months?!?! God I hope it doesn’t take that long!!!

So you might see some make-shift dinners like this one from tonight…for the next few weeks…..

tonight's dinner

I got some cute avocados in my organic veggie/fruit shipment this week:

teeny tasty avocados

Casey jazzed one up with sea salt, freshed cracked pepper & olive oil…

casey experiments

Here’s me devouring one of my favorite food combos EVER!
(tomato, basil, garlic rubbed crostini & olive oil- salt & pepper too!)

on my plate

I’d also like to thank my hubby for painting the door to the *man room* this weekend.
Here it is with the first coat. Doesn’t it look smashing?

casey painted the theater door

Also this weekend:

-had buckwheat pancakes with lots of butter, syrup & strawberries
-went to the city to pick up Red Sox tickets
-had a yummy lunch @ Naan & Curry
-beat the heat and saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall (super funny)
-met up with a friend in the city
-worked around the house on the remodel
-tried to stay cool…temperature was up to 99 at one point!

  • wootowl

    Oooh those doors do look smashing! Good work Queso.
    I almost licked the monitor upon seeing your delicious combo.
    Can I come over?

  • jenifer

    are you with a CSA? for your veggie/fruit shipment? i think i’m going to start with one in the fall…

  • Sally

    Smashing doors and smashing meal!

  • Val

    It’s all just smashing!!! The door is fabulous!!

  • Tracy

    woot! I’ll tell him! Come over STAT!

    Jenifer- It’s Farm Fresh to You- they have a booth in the ferry building. I like their Spring & Summer season…Winter and Fall was a bit iffy this year!

    Sally & Val- Thank you! Thanks for stopping by!

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