August 22, 2014

I love lists, Friday!


  1. Texting in movies. I’m intrigued by this concept.
  2. Beauty names products make no sense.  I didn’t even think about this!
  3. Let’s trip out for a second.
  4. Ohhhh the life of a foodie.
  5. I’m in it for the cheese and sausage…
  6. I now want to make ketchup & steak sauce.
  7. It’s always fun to see other people’s favorite typefaces.
  8. Casey needs to make me Opraccino.
  9. Do you think Cooper would like these? I really want him to!!
  10. Be careful what you like on Facebook.
  11. Oh, fruit…sigh…
  12. My favorite dress this summer is HUGELY DISCOUNTED!!!  It’s so comfy/flattering.
  13. I love this dude on Vine. I’m glad they made a little round up of his puns.
  14. Speaking of puns…check out this Pool PAWTY.
  15. I’m interested in how they’re gonna end True Blood. IT’S TIME (but I still watch!)
  16. A little insight on the Mad Men ending. I’m chomping at the bit!
  17. Yessss…. except I’m NOT down with the word panties. *cringe*
  18. I just bought this book about Willpower and I wonder how long it will take me to start it…
  19. Oh My God.
  20. She definitely HAS A POINT. Amen.




I share a tale of how I lied to an anesthesiologist about my weight on the latest Joy the Baker Podcast.

Check out episode #127 The Wisdom of Our Wisdom Teeth 




Thanks for entering my GIVEAWAY!  I loved reading your responses. A lot of you loved grilled meats, corn and pineapple!

The winner is:



avocado winner


I’ll be emailing you shortly! Congrats and I hope your fiancé loses his mind!




Just wanted to say THANK  YOU for those of you who tagged Shutterbean recipes on Instagram. I love seeing your creations!  If you find yourself making one of my recipes and you post it to Instagram, will you tag it with #shutterbean?  I’d love to see what you’re up too. Thank you!!!

  • Bri | Bites of Bri

    I loved this whole list, Tracey. The beauty names…so funny and stupid! How did we not notice sooner or maybe I’m the only one who didn’t?! And those foodie problems for losing weight. So true!

  • krystal

    I’ve, literally, never won anything!! I live in Florida so I can pretty much grill ALL. THE. THINGS. constantly. (I’ve also compulsively checked to make sure that was my comment before posting this and I’m still a little in denial.)

    Thanks for the giveaway and doin’ your thang awesomely in this space every week.


  • Rachel

    I love your I Love Lists, Friday post! Look forward to it every week!

  • Paula

    That post in #20 is the greatest. I just had a convo with a friend earlier this week about how tired it made our souls to read the stupid, stupid things people have been complaining about on the inter-webs (Taylor Swift, the ice bucket challenge being a “waste of water”, etc). This is just the right antidote!

  • dana

    Make. Dat. Ketchup.

  • Kate

    Embarcadero Center!

    The makeup name thing made me laugh. It’s like they’re totally messing with us.

  • Jamie

    So YES with Christina Hendricks (except I don’t care about the Scotch, unless you order it and won’t give me a sip = ).

  • Celeste

    “Give me gratitude or give me debt” on MoMastery was en pointe! Thank you so much for sharing! Extremely refreshing.

  • tara

    That piece by Christina Hendricks was fantastic!! (Totally agree with you on the word panties. Blech.)

    I’m jealous of that pool pawty for both myself and my dog. She’d go nuts.

  • Cindy

    Every beauty product with the word ‘baby’ makes me think of the sexy-baby thing from 30 Rock.
    I wish my dogs would be into a pool pawty! The only time they’ll get in the water is if we make them and they paddle around like sad-pandas.
    I said jesusfuckingchrist in public recently and wondered just how many people I offended in a single breath.

  • Emily @ Life on Food

    The 17 foodie list is too funny. I pretty much hit every single one. At least we enjoy life right?

  • Carrie

    The “pun guy” is Bo Burnham, and his standup is hilarious. YouTube his name and start with watching “From God’s Perspective.” LOL!

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