September 17, 2007


on friday night I had a birthday dinner at my house for my favorite neighbor: meat loaf, mashed potatoes, creamed spinach & apple pie (too busy to take pictures!)

we occasionally encountered some misbehaving cats over the weekend:

this is why there's a note on the door to keep it closed this is what happens when we eat outside.  constant mewing.

i baked a loaf of bread & made whoopie pies:

decided to make some bread- at 2:30AM whoopie! i made whoopie pies.

we enjoyed the bread on the patio during an overcast morning:

overcast breakfast i could eat you always.

i bought two new lamps for our bedroom and put existing lamps in the guest room (new lamps not shown):

for guests- new lights. this door needs painting

spent a lot of time in my office/work room:

my work room in between rooms

we went to Pacifica to watch the Red Sox vs. Yankees as well as the Patriots game. We stopped at the beach along the way….

must have been an important call surfs up off of devils slide someone else enjoys the view

we ate turkey chili & cornbread muffins

turkey chilli- while watching Patriots & Red Sox games turkey chilli- while watching Patriots & Red Sox games

-we watched Fargo

-i went for a hike

-i played on the internet (til 3am!)

-i tried clothes on for our trip

-we went shopping for a jacket

-i bought some magazines

-i didn’t sleep as much as i wanted to

Now I’m off to make one of my favorite soups & watch Martha on my TIVO. Happy Monday!

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