October 3, 2014

I love lists, Friday!


  1. Makes me wonder what Cooper will discover about us 🙂
  2. I am always hungry so I understand.
  3. Skills We’ve Lost to Technology. I don’t remember phone #s….sigh.
  4. Choose Happiness!
  5. I loved reading this essay on marriage. 
  6. Ira Glass! I want Cooper to be Ira Glass for Halloween. 
  7. I appreciate Grace’s positivity with Blogger Burnout. It’s a real thing!
  8. If you travel on an airplane, you can relate to this. Also- THIS.
  9. Speaking of airplanes… this looks pretty amazing.
  10. This pizza looks bomb.
  11. How to Store Food.
  12. 10 Things You’ll Learn in Culinary School.
  13. They’re right. This text response IS GOLD.
  14. Sweet potato noodles? Color me intrigued.
  15. How did I not know that Ben & Jerry’s had a Schweddy Balls flavor??!!
  16. Spider Doughnuts! What a clever idea.
  17. How yummy does this soup look?
  18. Grilled Cheese love for YOU and YOU!
  19. This oatmeal is calling my name.
  20. San Francisco: One Second Shots  (SO GOOD)
  21. Irish People Taste American Junk Food for the First Time. The commentary is hilarious.



Make Great made my Banana Walnut Granola

Hey! If you make a recipe from Shutterbean, will you post it to your Instagram and hashtag #shutterbean? I love seeing Shutterbean recipes all over the world! xo




  • Alessandra // the foodie teen

    Happy belated birthday, Cooper! Love the links – the Irish people tasting American junk food is hilarious and exactly how I reacted to McDonalds for the first time a few years ago!

  • Aine @ Awkward Irish Girl Blogs

    Great roundup as always, thanks! My fave is the hipster halloween costumes link, too cute! Also got a good lol out of the video of Irish people tasting American junk food… I haven’t tasted any of those things either but I think I’d have a similar reaction based on the American chocolate I’ve tasted – everything is so sweet it’s ridiculous!

  • Cady

    Happy birthday to Cooper! Thanks for sharing your content with the rest of us here on the interweb. I love I LOVE LISTS FRIDAY!

  • Jessica Rodarte

    I am making that granola you linked to at the end. Looks bomb! (Do people still say that? Whatever. I’m owning it. YOLO. 😉 Happy birthday to your little man! The baby picture you posted on Instagram is so cute!

  • Katrina

    It’s hilarious to order that Ben & Jerry’s flavor at scoop shops. (I almost wrote BJs…but that would just be WRONG.)

  • Nicole

    That picture of Cooper is seriously the CUTEST. For real. I can’t wait to share the text response link with Marc, he’ll love it. He’s been known to start asking personal questions of the solicitor until they get creeped out, hehe.

  • Kate

    I laughed a lot at the Always Hungry list, followed by a squeak of glee at sweet potato noodles 🙂

  • Amanda

    The Irish people eating american snacks video is hilarious! Tootsie rolls: “this is just a dark activity to wile away the hours to keep going until death”, I was dying!

  • Abby - Little City Adventures

    Such an adorable photo of Cooper!

  • Alex

    All day Thursday I was checking and checking for the list, thinking ‘it’s unlike Tracy to be tardy with a Friday list’. It was that kind of week. And I needed the smiles that your links always bring. Desperately.

    Anyways, another great week of bits and pieces from around the internet and, of course, happy birthday Cooper!

    • Tracy

      🙂 Sometimes I’ve been known to accidentally press publish on a Thursday….

  • Deirdre

    Great I Love Lists Friday post as always Tracy!

    Can I just say (as an Irishwoman) that we eat processed, sugary, abnormally coloured, icky food over here as well? The people in the video are not the norm… lol!

  • Ashley

    I can’t believe how tall Cooper looks!! Crazy! Thanks so much for the link love!! xo

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