October 2, 2019

Currently September 2019


Currently September 2019

September threw us back into our school routine! I was looking forward to it after the summer, but I always forget how many school events make September so jammed packed for us when we get back. Baseball started again too so we are staying busy around here. This month was filled with friends, art, back to school shopping and adventure. That’s my favorite kind of month!

It’s fun to go back into the past and see what was going on. Here’s Currently September 2018, 2017, and 2016!  This is my 4th year doing this journaling practice. I am grateful for the opportunity to look back and see the person I’ve become.


Inside my Currently Workbook!  My creative project for the year. 

Let’s reflect on the month.

Inspired By:

Painting!  Check out how many sessions I had this month:

My friend Lisa came over and we painted from her new book!

– A Field Guide to Color- which is a workbook you can paint in!  I highly recommend! 

Art with Ruby!

Art with Emma!

Art with Neiley!

Art in Sebastapol with Helen Jane!

Two nights of art!

And pen sorting and laughing and COLORING!

I am so happy to have so many creative friends in my life. I am inspired to see how each one of them shows up to their practice in their own, unique way. 

Also super inspiring: a trip to the Heirloom Seed festival. I want to plant dahlias next year.


Oracles and Oils party at Faye’s house on Friday the 13th!  Witchy times!

I got my brain together and shared my Daypack Travel Gear. It was a follow up to my Carry-On Essentials post.

This month I did a big overhaul of my office. I moved stuff around, got a new bookshelf and got rid of all of the paper piles I had on the floors FOR MONTHS.  THE COBWEBS ARE CLEARED.

Thank you for all of your orders this month!  It’s going to be almost a year since I created my food journal and your love and support has kept me busy. THANK YOU!

You can check out my etsy shop here.



Finished watching the final season of Orange is the New Black. Meh. 

Movies I watched/enjoyed: 20th Century Women, Maiden, Linda Ronstadt: The Sound of my Voice

I also enjoyed a few episodes of The Mind, Explained on Netflix (really interesting show!)

We are watching the latest season of Billions but I keep falling asleep!


Home Apothecary– will be referring to this one when we hit the colder weather!

Wherever You Go There You Are– I like to read a chapter a day/or whenever I get a chance. His thoughts on meditation give me a good pause. I like that I don’t feel the need to sit down and read the whole thing. It’s a small investment of my time for a big reward. 

The Pasta Friday Cookbook– looking forward to making a new pasta recipe with this one!

Two Peas & Their Pod Cookbook– already made Chocolate Banana Bread

A Field Guide to Color – so fun!!! 

Overcoming Addictions: The Spiritual Solution– found this one in a free mini-library. Getting another perspective re: addictions is helpful. Especially beneficial for my grief processing.

Make Time: Focus on What Matters– I checked this out from the library but I didn’t MAKE TIME to read it. Oof.

Thinking About:

The holiday season coming up! I think we are doing Thanksgiving at my parent’s house and it makes me happy to think about being in my Mom’s kitchen.  I’m excited that it will be our first Thanksgiving with my brother (first time with my sister-in-law!) in a long time.  It’s going to be two years since my Mom died. Sometimes it feels longer than that. Sometimes it feels like a year. Grief is so weird. But I am in a much better space mentally than I was a year ago and for that I am thankful.

Listening To:

When I need a reminder to pray:

When I need to get in the zone:

When I need to feel protected:


When I need a nice reset:

Favorite Bon Iver song and now I want to watch Twighlight. Lol.


Dream Life:

I’ve been sleeping an average of 6 1/2 hours a night this month.

I’d like it to be more than that but Rosie (my cat) keeps coming up and snuggling me at that hour. Perhaps she wants to turn me in to a person that wakes up early to workout.  It’s not happening.  Just not yet. Maybe October will be different?  

I think I’m back to dreaming about camp life again. There’ something about the scene that feels like the Never Ending Story, though. I should read my book about lucid dreaming to refresh my subconscious so I can remember my dreams. 

Eating & Drinking:

Did some meal prep this month! 

Ate a lot of salads.

Made Teriyaki Chicken.

Drank a lot of tea this month.

Right now Ginger Peach from Republic of Tea is my favorite.

Made this Chocolate Banana Bread about three times!  We had a lot of bananas in our house!

Enjoyed some nice breakfasts with my husband.

Dinner with the Chase family! It’s so nice to be around little kids! I miss their spirits!

Dinner with the Lovebirds.

A salad Helen Jane made me that I want forever and ever.

All the things on a lady weekend.

Simple comforts.

We are a rice family…

Almond Croissants in the freezer section at Trader Joe’s can make for a beautiful Sunday breakfast.


Self Portrait for September:

It was Currently September, now we are in October. LET’S DO THIS!

My Currently 2020 workbook will be available for purchase soon! For now, check out inside my Currently 2019 Workbook here!

  • linda

    Love your blog, love your spirit, love your art, you’re right mourning is weird. Have a fantastic October!

  • Jane M

    Oh what a great September you had – indeedy! Seeing your watercoloring has me inspired to pick up my brushes. Only I can’t seem to put down my knitting needles! HAHA! I’ll some day find a healthy balance! I’m finishing up sweater #17 for 2019 and already casted on sweater #18! Now if only our NJ would cool down so I can wear them all! Happy October!

  • Helen Jane

    I’m so very lucky to know you!

  • Laura

    Hi Tracy!

    What watercolors do you recommend?

    Warmest regards,

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