May 5, 2020

Currently April 2020

Currently April 2020

April can be summed up into two words.


My sciatica acted up this month after doing a bunch of yard/housework and I have been laying on the floor all month. Actually that’s not true. It’s been three weeks. But, I finally got an appointment with my chiro. Things got better and now my knee hurts.  It put a lot of my organizing plans on hold.

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The 100-day project started in April. I decided to start hand-lettering things my Mom used to say.

#100thingsmymomusedtosay   (on my instagram!)

It’s been a good way for me to remember how to Mom myself and process what’s happening right now.

There were quite a few days this month where I WAS OVER IT ALL.  I went out, got groceries, and then sat in my car, in the driveway for about a half-hour until I got out and went back into the house. Being at home feels like Groundhog’s Day. I keep trying to clean my house and it never gets clean. My child will have about 5 outfit changes in one day and will leave his clothes all over the place. We are working hard to break that habit. I’m tired of hearing my voice say PUT YOUR CLOTHES AWAY. But the weather has been nice and we have a lot to be grateful for.

Let’s check out the inside of my currently workbook:

I printed out my Instagram feed & my lettering project for my workbook.

Let’s get into it!

Inspired By:

Gardening. Watching things grow. Hummingbirds, rabbits, turkeys and BIRDS.

I started growing lettuce!

Watering plants and stretching my back while doing so has been helpful.  

And we have baby deer on our hill! I love baby deer season.


Mad Men: just about done with the series!  It’s been messing with my dreams in a good way. It’s been making me think a lot about my Mom and how much I wish I could have talked to her about the show. I know she watched it with my Dad, but when I asked him what she thought of it and how she felt about certain parts, he couldn’t answer me. 

Encino Man:  We watched this for family movie night. Cooper asked us why Paulie Shore was talking “like that.”  It’s so funny to introduce him to things from our childhood. IT IS WEIRD. 

Better Call Saul – we watched a few but then binged on Mad Men.

Babies- watched a few episodes while I was resting in bed. I miss baby times. 

Better Things: – I love this show. Pamela Adlon is the best.  I’m almost finished with this season. 


New Cookbook additions:

Thinking About:

School. The Summer. How long this is going to last…

The future. Money. How we are going to handle all of this.

The Economy. The virus. 

Listening To:

This song is catchy.


Perfect for an afternoon with a cocktail. 

His music makes me feel things and it reminds me of my Mom. 

Dream Life:

Dreamlife is ACTIVE. I’m back in San Francisco in my dreams. San Francisco from my childhood… I think my Mom’s been in my dreams. I can’t see her, but I know she is there. I’ve been waking up in pain around 3/4AM and find myself having really vivid dreams after I fall back asleep again. 


We are regenerating things in the kitchen. We always had an avocado pit going on this counter when I was a kid.


COMFORT FOOD. Lots of peanut butter this month and bananas when we can! 

Casey and I have been working on cocktails together.

I style/photograph them and he drinks them!

I should share some of our favorites.

He’s really good at making nice ice cubes.

My sourdough starter! His name is Jerome.

He has helped me to make some good loaves!


I also tried a simple loaf from Josey Baker Bread.

It will definitely be in our rotation.

I also made my husband’s favorite- Sausage Bread– with jalapenos this time! 

I can’t get enough cereal.

I’ve been enjoying this Golden Turmeric cereal. I like that it has coconut shreds. I have it with oat milk. It’s been my dinner a few nights this month.

Pulled pork sandwiches with carnival slaw for the win!

Lots of comfort food.

Hot & Spicy Saltines!

I also made crumpets with my sourdough starter.

Homemade tortilla chips are delicious.

Oh and we got DOUGHNUT BOMBED by a classmate! It’s like chain letters but with doughnuts. 

We passed it on!

Self Portrait for April:

Let’s see what May has in store for us! 

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  • Roxanne

    Hi Tracy! I so love your real and creative posts. You inspire me.

    I deal with back and knee pain. If you don’t have one already get a portable tens unit on Amazon. There are tons at various price points. I bought this cheap one and it works great? You can but generic replacement pads. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00NCRE4GO/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1

  • Alicia A

    I hate those vivid dreams, they follow you all day and you wonder if they’re real?
    maybe it’s the back pain? Or my cat Lydia knocking everything off the side table to get me up…at 3 am?! UGH! Well if anything naps are good and after lunch, they’re fairly quick and then I poke at Lydia while she sleeps……..

  • Jessica Mosich

    Your IG account and Currently will be such a wonderful documentation of this time in our lives- both the challenges and the triumphs. Thank you for sharing it all.

  • coco

    I feel you on the house never getting cleaned. I think my most spoken word is “clean up”! i probably say to my kids 1000 times a day, and still feel the need to tidy up all the time.
    it’s frustrating but slowly (very slowly) they are getting the point. 🙂

  • Meghan

    I feel the always cleaning but never clean on a cellular level! I don’t have kids or pets (the usual suspects) but I feel like I’m ALWAYS tidying/wiping/washing dishes.
    I wanted to let you know that I have been inspired by your weekly to-do lists and been making my own since January. I love that recently you’ve been writing “Ask for help when I need it.” I put that on mine, too, after seeing yours. My partner suffers from long term chronic back issues- it’s very difficult to have one’s mobility impacted. I wish you kindness for yourself and an extra good stretch today.

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