May 20, 2014

Outfitting: All Maxed Out



A maxi dress is my secret weapon during the summer months. It’s one article of clothing that covers the whole body…. which means there’s so much less to coordinate!  One of my favorite dresses this year has been this black maxi dress from Old Navy. It’s super versatile and I’ve found it to be great for traveling because I can create so many different looks with it!  I simply add a statement necklace and wedges to fancy it up or wear a maxi dress with flip flops, a denim button up shirt  and a long necklace for my favorite casual look.

Right now, I’m looking to add another maxi to my wardrobe. Perhaps one of these striped numbers?  Number 3 is begging for a chunky yellow necklace and number 5 wants a flawy scarf with neon pink splashes. Number 2 looks like a good option to slip into after you’ve been in a bathing suit all day and I’d totally wear #1  with my red salt water sandals for 4th of July!

What I love about this selection is that any one of these dresses could easily transition from a long day at work to poolside living with cocktails and friends.  And really, nothing should stop us from making that happen as soon as humanly possible.

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  • Patri

    I’m totally in love with number 5… and number 4 is really good too.
    And also number 3.. you won me over with that chunky yellow necklace! 😉


    I love all of them, and your suggestions are amazing! Yellow necklace + black/white stripyness = winning!

  • Mira C

    Your maxi-dressing has totally inspired me, Tracy! I plan on buying several maxis over the next few weeks and rocking them all summer long. Thank you for the fashion inspiration!

  • Lotta

    So gorgeous! But real talk… what do women wear UNDER maxi dresses? It’s clear that I need to buy something new for my underwear wardrobe before I can rock one of these properly.

    • Tracy

      REAL Talk! Are you ready for this? I like to wear shorts under my maxi dress. I take old yoga pants and cut them into “biker shorts” so that there’s no underwear line and in the event that it’s hot out and I’m all sweaty, I don’t have to deal with my thighs rubbing together. It works out quite well and if there’s a gust of wind and my dress blows up, it’s cool. I have shorts on.

  • Connie

    Love dresses #4 and #5!

  • Elizabeth

    Oh, poolside after work days. That sounds good to me 🙂

    I’ve never tried maxi dresses actually. I have the feeling the bottom would just drag the floor and get gross. Maybe I just need to try a petite out and see if I like it. Number 3 is a great pattern. I could see number 5 being really versatile, too.

  • Dixya @ Food, Pleasure, and Health

    i love maxi dresses too, even though im too short for it, i put on a wedge heels and make it work. you look adorable in maxi dresses 🙂

  • Felicia

    Love them, but the links are not working for me. Where can I find them? Girl needs to know!

  • tara

    Cute! I love number three! I need a better maxi dress, the ones I currently have don’t fit right on top so I’m constantly having to cover them with another shirt.

  • Becky

    Shorty real talk: Most maxi dresses are about 14 inches too long for me, but the jersey can be easily cut. Just leave about an inch allowance for the natural curl that will take place across the cut hem. BOOM.

  • Amy

    Flat chested real talk – I love maxi dresses, but I’m always afraid that I’m a little too little in the up top department, especially when they are long and flowy. I think No. 4 might be okay though – I love the fact that it is belted in the waist!

  • marci

    great “short” tips! my co-worker and I were just talking about maxi dresses this week and we both said we feel you need to be 5’9″ and without curves to pull these off. The tips on the wedge heels and cutting the jersey bottom to give it a natural curl are both great tips that I will share with her – thank you! Plus by getting one for a steal at Old Navy (what prompted our maxi talk), it wouldn’t feel so bad to take scissors to the hem! thanks Tracy and all other commenters!! 😀

  • lauren

    I love 4. It’s out of stock 🙁
    I got really into maxi dresses last summer when I was pregnant with my 10mo. They’re just so simple! I got 3 at old navy, which usually isn’t my fave. I wore target spanx (assets. LOL that name) underneath that went over my belly. I really liked the support and all around coverage. Time for some shopping. I’d much rather buy a few dresses than capris/shorts. Especially as I continue to wait for diet and exercise to do its thing.

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