January 2, 2015

I love lists, Friday!

I love lists friday!

  1. Deepest Darkest Dreams- Illustrated!
  2. I want to dive face first into a bowl of this.
  3. 45 Most Powerful Photos of 2014
  4. Some interesting facts about San Francisco
  5. Sneak Peek vs. Sneak Peak
  6. Meyers Briggs New Years Resolutions. Ha!
  7. I’m in the mood for biscuits.
  8. Jellyfish are pretty.
  9. Kitchen Pantry Porn— oh man.
  10. How to build a capsule wardrobe.
  11. 9 ways to feel more positive when you’re feeling negative!
  12. I love this printable calendar. It’s going right in my Bullet Journal.
  13. Treated myself to a subscription to Cherry Bombe Magazine in 2015.
  14. A good way to keep motivated. Love these!
  15. This is How We Date Now.  Whoa. Is this really how it is?
  16. Food Predictions for 2015. I’m all for the gyro.
  17. Notable Deaths of 2014 🙁
  18. This made me laugh.
  19. Songs with Misunderstood Meanings
  20. If you’re looking for something to read….
  • Millie | Add A Little

    Love the food predictions!


    Those pantries are just too beautiful, and the video prank was hilarious! Great list to start the new year, Tracy!

  • Jennifer

    Just wanted you to know how much I look forward to these lists every week…happy new year!

  • Natalie

    I began doing a capsule wardrobe about 9 months ago and it’s been a life changer! It’s so much easier to decide what to wear each day, and it has made packing for vacations a breeze. I love Caroline’s blog, and there are few others out there with great capsule wardrobe ideas. ️Happy New Year!

    • Tracy

      Packing for a trip is what’s spurring me to do it. It would be so nice to have a solid plan for what to wear instead of having to figure it out on the spot and feel like I have NO CLOTHES (when I have too many!)

      • Natalie

        Tracy, on my last trip to Europe in September, I googled “how to pack for a 10 day European trip” or something like that, and borrowed ideas from two different sources (I’m still teaching myself not to overpack & how to mix& match). There are so many helpful ideas out there. You’ll be amazed once you organize things in your closet in a capsule wardrobe style, how freeing it is. Best of luck to you x

  • Audrey Kuether

    Thanks so much for featuring my free printable calendars!! 🙂 xo

  • Christine @ BookishlyB

    I seriously want to find some nitro coffee now. Ever since having my baby I can’t get enough (gee, I wonder why).

  • Robyn @realfoodwholelife

    That kale bowl = love. Will be posting your lemon chicken as part of a Real Food Meal Plan tomorrow, which also = love.

  • Emily @ Life on Food

    My organized obsessed self is gaga over the calendars and pantries.

  • Jamie

    Pinned the kale bowl for sure. Started to print the aqua dot calendar until I remembered I have 3 calendars at home (2 gifted, I’m not that nuts!) I am SO ISFJ – wouldn’t want to inconvenience anyone I care about… = )

  • Denise

    Oh we should meet up at Souvla – we went a couple weeks ago. Hooked!

  • Katie

    I did not know about bullet journaling. I am so geekily excited to put all my to do lists in one place in a systematic format.

  • Katie

    Went to souvla today and was soooo disappointed! Def do not recommend their pork gyro. 🙁 I had such high hopes. Do love gyros though, will just have to find someplace else to get them!

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