April 10, 2015

I love lists, Friday!


  1. Deep fried gadgets anyone?
  2. Why you should spend money on experiences, not things.
  3. Junk food turned gourmet!
  4. You wanna be buried HOW?
  5. The 12 types of photographs you’ll find on Instagram. HAHA
  6. I’m curious to see how season 2 of True Detective will be.
  7. 10 Commandments to a Clutter Free House.
  8. You know how much I love mesmerizing animated gifs…
  9. Salad craving like crazy.
  10. Recycling turned art!
  11. Beautiful portraits of mothers on their first day of parenthood. 
  12. Ooooh I can’t wait for the next season of Orange is the New Black!
  13. Fruity Pebble Meringues…that first shot is bonkers.
  14. Decorate your office with POST-ITS!
  15. What a cute outfit. This one too!
  16. I would do anything for a bite of this cake.
  17. What Beyonce’s vegan meal plan is really like.
  18. NEVER NEVER read the comments. <—– Except read these!
  19. Mom knows best . She does!
  20. I love Marie Forleo
  21. What part of No Totally don’t you understand?

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