May 1, 2015

I love lists, Friday!




  1. This week I got my inbox down to ZERO this week. Mailstrom is the shizzzz.
  2. Heidi shares her Healthy Breakfast Ideas and I’m ALL FOR IT.
  3. What a BEAUTIFUL cake!
  4. For the love of stripes…….ahhhhhh
  5. How to fit 30 outfits in a carry-on. I love Stylebook btw! I should post about it.
  6. The mother of alllll breakfast pizzas!
  7. NY vs SF…. TOO REAL
  8. Click if you love Silicon Valley in Richard Scarry illustrations. Heehee Orla Kiely Scarf!
  9. Congrats, Kasey & Matthew! Also your potatoes look bonkers!
  10. So THAT’S what happens when you saw a rubber band ball in half. WEIRD.
  11. How to the difference between the best coffee and the worst coffee.
  12. Confessions of people who LOVE food (that would be me).
  13. Ummmm. These locker room horror stories are THE WORST.
  14. Why ‘Natural’ Doesn’t Mean Anything Anymore.
  15. Some good advice re: relationships
  16. I feel like I could have written this.
  17. I want to go back to Big Sur! This place looks pretty neat. I wonder how we’d do in a yurt.
  18. This loft is gorgeous.
  19. My dream is to spend a few months in Tuscany a la Stealing Beauty.
  20. New favorite snack!
  21. If you love yogurt, you’ll love my friend Cheryl’s new book- Yogurt Culture!
  22. I could watch this cat ALL DAY LONG. Maybe I will…


  • Giulia

    I love this kind of post! I live in Italy and Tuscany is my favorite region here! The food is delicious, there is beautiful places to see, the weather is always good… Come here in Italy 🙂


  • Erica B

    He stayed at Treebones on our honeymoon for 2x nights. It was so cool! The only downside was that you have to walk to the main building for the bathroom so any extended primping was kind of kiboshed. There is a sink + mirror in each yurt so that’s helpful but if you have to pee in middle of the night it can be a bit creepy to run through the dark. Otherwise it was such a cool experience and the insides of the yurts are way roomier & comfortable than I expected.

    • Tracy

      I think that’s always what stops me from renting a yurt! The lack of bathroom!

  • Em

    THAT CAT. Oh my goodness.

  • Kate

    The Silicon Valley in cartoon animals was dead-on perfect, especially the venture capital cats 😀

  • Kasey

    Awwww, thank you my friend! xox

  • Jen

    I really love your Friday lists. LOVE THEM! I read them all. Thank you so much for posting these. I can’t wait for Fridays. I especially love the whit and humor you always bring.

  • nicole @ The Dirty Oven

    I actually had time to read through all the posts this week! Thanks. BYW I am making your lemon blueberry ice cream sandwiches with the kidds this weekend to surprise Matt for his birthday. Super excited! xoxo

  • Jessie

    There are bare-bones yurts even closer to you in Bothe Napa Valley State Park- I’m heading there for a weekend in October to celebrate my birthday with friends and I’m calling it “Yurty Thirty”. Cheaper than Big Sur and right next to Calistoga? Yes, please!

  • Abby

    #3 is STUNNING.

  • kim

    Truth be told, I was always looking for Lowly Worm in every Richard Scarry book! Nod to you, dear!

  • Jenna

    I love these lists! The relationship advice is so spot on! Great finds this week 🙂

  • N. Rogers

    The Stylebook app looks amazing! Would love to see your post on it and your feedback on using it!

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