April 24, 2020




  1. How to avoid back pain while working from home.
  2. How Deb stocks The Smitten Kitchen
  3. I always wonder what it’s like to meal prep for one.
  4. I’m Doggie Diner old.
  5. Nature photographer shoots from home.
  6. Some creepy objects curated for your viewing pleasure.
  7. The results of people drawing car logos from memory.
  8. If you want to find facemasks…
  9. Colorful tape art marks social media distancing space.
  10. My Mom loved Shirley Temple.
  11. Guy builds a restaurant for squirrels.
  12. Faux taxidermy is pretty cool.
  13. People are playing games on their phones during Zoom meetings.
  14. What is herd immunity?
  15. How do professional writers work through writer’s block?
  16. Let’s look at Albert Einstein’s report cards.
  17. How to find emotional strength & resiliences during COVID-19
  18. I’ve been living in these leopard loungewear pants right now.
  19. How this virus is going to change our future travel.
  20. Weekend reading: Make the Time & Dancing at the Pity Party
  21. Friday cocktail: The Painkiller
  22. Wanna learn something? Here’s 2 months FREE Premium membership to Skillshare.  

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  • Caitlyn

    I always enjoy the links you share! I feel like the first one was calling me out though. I already know the solution is I need to stop slouching on the couch with my laptop in my lap but I don’t have a desk in my tiny apartment and this is the only way I get work done. Why can’t I work with good posture at the kitchen table instead? I honestly don’t know, it just doesn’t feel right…
    I really, really love the faux taxidermy and now need to restrain myself from trying to go online shopping for some of those pieces. I have a taxidermy duckling at home which I love. Took my partner some time to come to love him when I moved in but he does now. I would love to know why some people find taxidermy so appealing whereas others don’t? I think for me it’s just my morbid curiosity.

  • Karen

    Regarding the travel article, and how it suggests travel insurance – my parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 2019, and were supposed to go to Europe last June. The night before their flight, my father fell ill and ended up in the hospital (he’s since fully recovered). Thank goodness my mom, whose career was insurance, had travel insurance on their trip – $30k!

    Their trip was rescheduled for….late March 2020. You know what happened on that reschedule. Not sure if they’re thinking “third time’s the charm” or “maybe this trip isn’t meant to be….”. Crazy.

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