September 18, 2015

I Love Lists Friday!

I love lists Friday // shutterbean

Welcome to I love Lists Friday. It’s Friday. Let’s surf the ‘net together!

  1. Lazy or Genius??
  2. I totally researched dress yoga pants this week… Do you have them? TELL ME EVERYTHING.
  3. I want.
  4. 11 Secrets of Successful Relationships
  5. This is absolutely stunning.
  6. I love seeing other people’s road trip essentials.
  7. Making this happen.
  8. Adorable and so pretty
  9. I want to say hello to this dog.
  10. Incredible photos of space in 2015
  11. Would love to hang out in this cute backyard.
  12. I knew there was a reason I love Jennifer Lawrence….
  13. Packaging that pleases my eyes.
  14. I would eat so many of these crackers if I made them!
  15. People of NYC enjoying my favorite pastime.
  16. Apparently my drunk food is KEBAB. Not mad at that.
  17. Pumpkin Spice has GONE TOO FAR.
  18. Oh my goodness look at these ice cream sandwiches. They have apple jacks in them!!
  19. Let’s learn about whiskey.
  20. Make your own tea rose oil. Love this!
  21. How to Adult


This week on Ebay I wrote: 

Make Your Own Almond Milk and shared my Tips for a Restful Sleep


Here’s some inspiration for you this week:

Brené Brown— The Courage to Be Vulnerable

Have a listen!


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  • Liz

    love the dress pant yoga pants (and many many other things beta brand has to offer.) my dad wears exclusively slacks to work and sweat pants in any other situation. He does not own jeans. We got him a pair of the dress pant sweat pants and he now secretly wears them to work and says no one can tell!

  • Renee

    The dress pants yoga pants are awesome. I have the black straight leg ones, and i’m now tempted to replace my entire work wardrobe with them. They are very thick (but stretchy and light) material, so no fear of anything showing through. Like the other comments said – no one can tell you’re wearing yoga pants. And they are awesome-er for work travel…

  • Leanna

    I wanted the dress yoga pants to be awesome, but the fit was really bad and I had to send them back. I’m curvy, and they just did not fit well, bunching weird in the front. Too bad.

    • Alison

      Agreed on the fit issue. Tracy, I would avoid them. Like you, I am a thick-thighed woman who is plus size, and those pants never worked for me. They would make your legs look like sausages too!

  • Emily

    I bought a pair of dress pants during Nordstroms anniversary sale this summer, and I’ve told people they’re basically yoga pants but in a cut that looks nice enough for work. They’re so nice, although for some reason they tend to slide down my waist a little so then the crotch isn’t where I want it. I haven’t decided if I chose the wrong size or what. Here’s the link: http://m.shop.nordstrom.com/s/vince-camuto-ponte-knit-ankle-pants-regular-petite/3242815?cm_mmc=Google_Product_Ads_pla_online-_-datafeed-_-women:bottoms:pant-_-508153&gclid=CMWL5NzkhcgCFUSCfgodulcFEQ&mr:referralID=01aa855f-5fa1-11e5-b82d-00505694526f

  • Keelie

    Don’t make those crackers from Ree, I warn you! They’re addictive, and I don’t think your broad hips could handle them.

  • Lou

    Stay strong, and keep being large and in charge!

  • TM

    WTF? Who are all these assholes commenting on your page?

  • Dayna@kaleidoscopebrain

    HEY TRACY! don’t want to just be a lurker 😉 so, I wanted to tell you I am LOVINGGGGG your link round ups. They are so quality – you are one of the only bloggers where I go through every link! (I even sometimes save a couple, so I have something to look at later in the week! Or, I’ll open one (like the link you posted about simple pleasures in life a while ago) and I’ll keep it open on a tab all week to go back to!) You are great! Please keep doing what you are doing!

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