October 9, 2015

I love lists Friday!

I love lists Friday // shutterbean

Welcome to I Love Lists Friday. Let’s surf the ‘net together! 

  1. Weird food pairings that are strangely good.
  2. Reverse Shibori!
  3. Nate Berkus’ house is my everything.
  4. Spiral Pumpkin TWISTS. ZOMG.
  5. Anthro Dresses I love: One /Two/Three/Four
  6. I bet my dad would love this cake. 
  7. This is creepy. But I also get it.
  8. A Manhattan Penthouse of my dreams.
  9. Purrrrfectly Timed Cat Photos
  10. This single dad teaches other dads how to style their daughter’s hair!
  11. I brought up Double Dare in a conversation last week and here’s the oral history of it!
  12. What happens if Amazon goes away? 
  13. Time to get out my exact-o knife
  14. How I Deal with a Cold…
  15. This cactus wallpaper mural is INCREDIBLE.
  16. Artifacts from the Titanic will be up for auction soon. Fascinating!
  17. When You Feel Like Giving Up
  18. Hopefully I’ll visit Tahoe soon.
  19. This cocktail will get you through the weekend.
  20. The most popular Instagram photos EVER. Well at least thus far.
  21. Take the moment IN, people! 


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