October 23, 2015

I love lists Friday!

I love lists Friday // shutterbean

Welcome to I Love Lists Friday. Let’s surf the internet together!

  1. Google has some crazy offices.
  2. Dogs are Dorks!
  3. The secret ingredient to chewy cookies. 
  4. Terrifying Last Minute Costume Ideas 
  5. An old box of negatives was found in Antartica. So rad.
  6. 30 Qualities of a Good Home Cook
  7. My Writing Education- A Timeline
  8. This is sooooo real if you have kids.
  9. AHH. These cat nails are so cute.
  10. Hello, dream salad.
  11. Wishlist items: air plant holders / this shirtdress  / this sweater
  12. So…. apparently I’m supposed to be a sexy lion for Halloween.
  13. Quit these crippling habits by the time you’re 30. Lemme know how that goes.
  14. Most Popular Vegetarian Recipes shared by food bloggers.
  15. I was really homesick when we first moved into the house we live in now.
  16. How to Stop Acting Defensively When You’re Triggered. LIFE SKILL
  17. Mom, you should make this for Dad!
  18. Just a reminder that they’re so many things you can do in 30 seconds!
  19. What did Back to the Future get right?
  20. I love this soooooo much!  So clever.
  21. One day I will wake up an hour earlier…ONE DAY.
  22. 10 Ways to Treat Yourself— some of my favorites.

Found this TED TALK really interesting:

  • Soozi

    I so look forward to these lists. They make an old person feel like she’s in the young-uns’ world. It makes me super jealous (happy) that you bloggers like to support and celebrate one another, and share each other’s posts.

  • melissa reid

    I love that TED talk also – think that was the first one I ever heard, and it got me hooked. Loving your blog and you’re instagram. Though everytime I look at it, my stomach grumbles so loudly I think it starts to digest itself a little bit, haha.

    (Sorry – slightly disturbing image. Nicer way to put it: all the food you make looks amazing. I wrote my undergraduate dissertation on Sandwiches, believe it or not. So food is my true love).


  • Lauren

    Thanks for including Career Contessa (#13) on your list!

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