April 21, 2023


 Let Go or Be Dragged --- i love lists// shutterbean.com


  1. I love a silly sign.
  2. Discontinued things that should come back.
  3. Letter spacing fails.
  4. Are Sleepovers Finally Over?
  5. This Hack Uses Pez Dispensers to Store Lactaid
  6. 16 Ways To Practice Do No Harm (But Take No Shit)
  7. An AI image won an award and makes us question everything.
  8. The most walkable cities in the country.
  9. Pixel abstracts made with Excel.
  10. We have great burritos here in California.
  11. The massive art installations at Coachella look like legos.
  12. I forgot that Wes Anderson recreated these movies. 
  13. Look! A real-life Snoopy dog! 
  14. Big Hair, don’t care. 
  15. I am in love with this blanket.
  16. Depeche Mode orchestral covers.
  17. How are classic films are restored to their former glory?
  18. Off to find a jam jar…
  19. How to secure a bracelet with a bobby pin.
  20. Weekly Reading: Unbroken: The Trauma Response is Never Wrong 

I wrote a post about my Mom’s Grocery Lists on The Handwriting Club this week 🙂


  • Jamie

    AI art… I’m not opposed, as long as people are honest about what they’re presenting. Or what AI is presenting? Now more than ever we have to stop taking what we read and see on the internet at face value. But ever since I saw a story about how AI can’t really do hands yet, I hope I would have looked at that “photo” and noticed how wonky the hands are. It’s a weird world out there, my friend.

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