November 20, 2015

I love lists Friday!

I love lists Friday // shutterbean

  1. Can reading make you happier?
  2. Dude. That’s a lot of money you spent on a psychic….
  3. This is me.
  4. The Secret Life of 40 year olds.
  5. All the heart eye emojis for this jacket, this dress  this scarf & these boots
  6. What a cool design for an apartment building.
  7. How to Handle Your Upper Limit Problem
  8. I loved reading these Dinner Party Tips
  9. I freaking love teachers.
  10. Tweets that sum up being a woman.
  11. I’d really like to make these meatballs for Thanksgiving appetizers.
  12. Behind the Scenes Secrets of Firefighters – whoa #6
  13. This pumpkin pie parfait situation is vegan & GF and it looks amazing.
  14. My favorite mantle arrangement is the third one down.
  15. Laura’s 6 Natural Beauty Products for Fall
  16. Chai Tea Popcorn? I’d eat the whole batch.
  17. And then I’d follow it with Pumpkin Spice Doughnuts.
  18. I love how my friend Andrea sees the world. Here’s her trip to SF. 
  19. Love these totes my friend Kristin is making!
  20. What a beautiful floral wreath. I want to make one now.
  21. How to Tap into Your Deep Creativity – YES

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