August 31, 2016

Currently: August 2016

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Currently- August 2016

Currently on an airplane as I type this (August 24th). Drinking club soda with a lime, trying not to make eye contact with the guy next to me who is eating a cheese plate. I don’t know why they call it a plate when it’s in a white plastic container. It should be a cheese container. It’s practically a lunchable.

There’s a teenage boy in my peripheral vision who won’t stop moving. Like….he is listening to something, drumming on the seat in front of him and whipping his blanket around while chewing on the headphone cord. He’s also fighting with his Mom because she won’t give him her phone to play Pokemon Go! Meanwhile, my laptop is jammed at a 45 degree angle as I type this because the woman in front of me needed to lean her seat back to eat her tuna sandwich. Also, did I mention that I am near the bathroom and get frightened every time someone flushes the toilet? I’m listening to this playlist called Peaceful Piano. Only 5 more hours to go…. At least they gave me a biscoff cookie.

But seriously, what happened to our flying choices? Like…WHY DO WE HAVE SO MANY OF THEM NOW?! Half of the people have some type of priority on this plane.  I feel like it all went downhill when they started charging for bags. Remember when they were free? Remember when you could walk someone up to their gate? Give someone one last kiss or hug RIGHT before they went on the plane? Remember when you didn’t have to take off your shoes or worry about liquids?  Things change, man. Back to this whole priority thing. Did this all start happening because they started charging for bags? People are bringing so much on a plane instead of checking their bags. Since so many people want to make sure their bag gets on the plane as a carry-on, they’re paying a fee for the priority of boarding earlier. This particular plane  (American Airlines) charged $31 for that luxury.

Having a love/hate relationship with Pinterest. Actually I am having such an issue with algorithms in general and how everyone is messing up what I am able to access online. I had no idea that I had a birthday instagram from my maj until she texted me to ask me if I saw her picture. I DID NOT. I mean. That’s kinda rude, right? Also Pinterest is showing me nothing but the same pins over and over again and EVERYTHING is starting to look the same. But then I feel like everything is starting to look the same and I am scared that I am falling for this homogenous aesthetic.

Yes. I am totally complaining like a mofo. I think it’s because I’m on an airplane and I have no control. Also, I taught my Dad what MOFO meant last year. His life has improved 100%. He just passed me on his way to the bathroom while I typed this. I just gave him one of my cookies. Wait. I think I read somewhere that people are more likely to be emotional on airplanes. There you have it. Silver lining? They gave me an entire can of club soda during this flight.

I’ve been resisting buying a new planner at Target.  The self-talk I have to do in order to not buy one is ridiculous. I think I’ve snap-chatted (not the correct word) it before…. So, I am doing well with my bullet journal…but it has lines and I don’t like lines. I want dots but then I know that when I get dots I will want something else. Then it’s hard cover vs. soft cover and then the list goes on. I want this in black & gold. Can’t you make that??!! PLZ. Meanwhile, I started collecting some bullet journal ideas on Pinterest. At least that’s an exciting thing that keeps popping up in my feed.  But somewhere in the back of my head I feel like I could overcome ANYTHING if I can overcome this great urge to buy a new planner/calendar/notebook.  Also, will I talk about this problem every time I write one of these currently posts? Probably.

Cannot believe that Cooper is in 2nd grade. I wasn’t there to drop him off on his first day of school because of my New York trip and it made me sad. Like…really sad. Does that mean I have to stage the first day of school picture even though it’s not the first day?

Oh! Here’s something funny for you. I just went to turn down the music (peaceful piano) and I noticed that MY HEADPHONES WERE NOT PLUGGED INTO MY COMPUTER.  Hope you loved Peaceful Piano, plane full of people. It could have been worse I suppose. They could have been subjected to my Marky Mark Good Vibrations pump jams. Priority pass is really paying off for you now!

How many of you have done a Whole30? I’m thinking of doing it in September but there’s a wedding I need to go to… can one do a Whole30 and go to a wedding if one usually eats and drinks too much at weddings?  Please weigh in. Literally. Haha. But wait… can we do it together? Like…if I do it and you do it….we can maybe figure out a way to give ourselves a good reboot together?   I’m totally down with accountability and all. I just need to figure out a month in my life when there’s nothing to celebrate and/or drown my sorrows in bourbon in pizza for. So….ummm…I’ve been putting off the Whole30 for a year now and it’s time to RESET.

I have collected three crystal sun catchers this summer because I want my house to be full of rainbows in the morning and afternoon. Things are getting all sparkly around here.

One more thing before I go. I started using an app called Chimeo’clock on my phone that chimes every half hour/on the hour. When I have it on silent, I think it’s a text message and then I look over and then it’s just 5:30.  It’s really helping me keep track of time, which is something I have a major problem with. Also helpful- I got an extension on Chrome called Stay Focused that allows me to lock myself out of the internet when I’m trying to concentrate on work. OH MY GOD IT IS HELPING ME SO MUCH. You can go nuclear- which means you are locked out of the internet 100% for as long as you want.

Goodbye August (birthday month!) Hello, September.

  • Jenna

    I love your stream of consciousness posts! My current stream is mostly incoherent mush since my toddler is sick (AGAIN) and woke up at 11.30pm and then I just couldn’t get her back to sleep until at least 3.30am. I would be sobbing into my coffee if I wasn’t 4.5 months pregnant and feeling adverse to all types of caffeine. Ugh. At least I’m getting practice in sleep deprivation before the newborn comes along. Haha. Thank you for the vent 😉

    I need to check out that Stay Focused extension. If only I was as good at staying on track as I am at procrastinating..!

    • Tracy

      vent as much as you need to! you’re in the trenches right now with your babies! It can take so much out of you- but keep reminding yourself that this is just a stage in your life. You’ll make it through!

  • Rebeca

    – Today should be my last day of work but I’m coming tomorrow because I’m too effing nice. Damn teenagers.
    – Cancer. Cancer. Cancer. It’s hard to heard that word and not think about it constantly. He will be ok. He will be, right? Please tell me he will or I’ll lose it.
    – I’m so exhausted. I haven’t slept more than 3 hours a night for the last few days. I can’t turn my brain off because of the above. How the heck am I going to survive what’s about to come?
    – In the midst of this chaos, he’s what makes me keep it together. I wanna be better for him, I wanna be his rock and everything he needs me to be. Falling in love over again. Crazy that it’s happening now.
    – Friends who bring you dinner when you can’t phantom the idea of setting foot in the kitchen are the best.

    • S

      Yes, he’s going to be ok, and you are going to do an amazing job holding it together through it. I know this because a couple of years ago, it was me with the stupid fucking cancer and my husband held it together for us all. And now we are better and stronger than ever. Love to you, it will be alright, even though you won’t think so sometimes.

      • Rebeca

        I really needed to hear that, even if from a complete stranger. THANK YOU. I’m glad you’re better now, and that you had/have a great husband by your side.

    • Monica B.

      It’s ok. He’ll be ok. You are ok. My best friend/single mom had this experience with her only child/son. I remember her taking it one day at a time. And, she learned to ask for help. She and her son are closer than ever, and her son is thriving. She too talks about the dinners friends brought to her, the help around the house when needed. Sending you thoughts of loving support, strength, peace amidst the chaos, and encouragement.

      • Tracy

        I am so thankful that I have such a supportive readership. xo

      • Rebeca

        Thank you, Monica. Your positive stories give me hope and strenght to push forward. This is all very new, and I really need to learn to take it one day at a time and ask for help. Working on it.

    • Tracy

      I am so glad that you have friends who help you. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers, Rebeca. Try to take care of yourself so you can take care of him!

      • Rebeca

        I’m floored by the love and support, I really am. Thank you! Taking care of yourself when all your energy is focused on someone else is so hard! But, I know I need to.
        Btw, I thought of you a while ago while I was shopping for a new journal and pens. I’m SO particular about pens that I came home empty-handed.

  • S

    Tracy, you should totally do a whole30. Mostly because I love your foods the most of all the foods on the internet/instagram and I want to see how you will put whole30 foods together so I have some new ideas. Like, what are you going to replace your tater tots with? Also, about that wedding, if it’s after the first few days you’ll be fine, it’s mostly the first few days where the cravings are strong and it would be easy to break the rules. After that, you will be feeling so good, it will be much easier to avoid drinking. At the actual wedding, you could drink club soda and lime or something similar. 🙂

    • Tracy

      I was driving home from school drop off thinking about tater tots. I am doomed. But…also…how does one do coffee without milk? That’s something I am going to have to get used to.

      • Kimberly

        I know the answer to this one!! I used to have to have some sort of milk in my coffee. The trick is to buy really good coffee. I started with Jamaican Blue Mountain. It is so rich and good it is really easy to drink it black. I also love get Jacob’s Wonderbar from Philz. (I live in SoCal so I have it shipped to me.) I promise really good fresh roasted and fresh ground beans will make the adjustment to black coffee so much easier!

      • Marilyn

        I feel the same way! What is coffee without milk?! An Americano over ice usually does the trick…maybe even add some almond milk. It’s all in the mind!

      • Shawna

        Bulletproof coffee is the BOMB! You’re really supposed to use butter and coconut oil but it’s just as good with only coconut oil. Blitz it in the Vitamix and it’s delish.

      • Abby

        Let’s do the Whole30!! I’ve done it twice and it’s really pretty amazing… not easy, but a really good fresh start while feeling mostly, at least, semi-sane through the process. No wine which is the worst for me.

        Check out Dianne Sanfilippo’s crispy oven fries for a tot sub. White potatoes are Whole30 friendly now, Yo.

      • Lisa

        You can use homemade almond milk or canned coconut milk in your coffee. I did that the first couple of weeks, but by the end I was drinking my coffee black and enjoying it.

      • liz

        make it strong and flavorful and it becomes a different thing. and its really good!

  • Deborah

    Good idea to do the Whole30 as a group-lots of good ideas to share.
    One good thing about the changes in flying-I just dropped my daughter off to fly half way around the world for school, and Chicago was closed (!), so 20 minutes and lots of clicking later, she’s routed completely differently and arrived 4 hours later than her original ETA.
    My first flying trip I had a name tag pinned to my seat, and the stewardess held my hand at take-off-I was 6. Times change.

    • Tracy

      My friend has a whole30 group on instagram that I really loved looking through- hashtag is #whole30asfuck (i know i know) but it’s really a good source of inspiration and my friend is hilarious so it makes it easier.

  • Monica B.

    It’s inwardly funny how you look around and comment on what’s happening with others. I can totally relate this activity. I travel by subway everyday, and like the tight space of the airplanes, the train is most often than not tight. Crammed like sardines is more like it; or crabs in a bucket!! I find my eyes wandering to individuals, including myself. Many times I’m not sure if my mind is telling me first, or my eyes are sending the images for translation to the brain. However, one of the most intense feelings is when space it tight, it’s hot and steamy and someone (perhaps a man) who is taller and wider than me gets in the train, and plants himself right in front of me and proceeds to open his mouth and let out a huge and extended exhale as he looks down to see me in front of him. Nowhere to run, no where to hide. Can’t even scream!! UGH!!! Loss of control!! 😉 Again, I’ve written before, “Hi, My name is Monica, and I have journal issues.” HA! I have quite a few. Okay, perhaps more than a few….ummm, more than more than a few (yes repeat that). I’m looking for blank pages because I want to do mind mapping to hold the center idea with bubbles of thoughts/ideas connecting to the topic. I do have a blank journal or two. But are they big enough because I don’t want to feel I’m falling into a boundary. I need wide-open spaces in such a big way! It’s funny, I have recently felt the web is becoming homogenous too! How can that even be? However, and this is truth: Your site remains individual to you!! TRUTH!! But I’m wondering of the challenge of that. And those algorithms! Sighhhhh. You reminded me perhaps we need sun catchers in our space – something to do with feng shui – we are facing challenges over here – and anchoring light might be helpful. There’s a picture of your son somewhere here when he was first born. He is so precious, and now a very cute second grader. One last thought: as I was reading the beginning of your post, the movie “French Kiss” popped in my mind. The scene where Meg Ryan is trying to overcome her fears of flying flashed – she has a mantra – perhaps a mantra would be helpful in tight spaces. I guess the tight space of the plane with a lot people, being off the ground and just the all around crazy visuals makes me laugh, too. Although if I am in it, I’m feeling uncomfortableness and writing about it helps bring humor. Have a great week!! Thank you for being here!!

    • Tracy

      Monica- I really like your brain. It’s a good one. My second flight was pretty uneventful and I had more room (wasn’t in priority and I did just fine!).

  • Shawna

    Stick with the bullet journal! It is so worth it in the end. I work for a calendar/planner company so I totally get wanting every planner out there. I’ll buy something, use it two months and then decide I don’t like it and start something new. Or I’ll make a mistake and my OCD brain freaks out and I can never touch the planner again. That struggle is real. It’s especially hard to stick with a planner when everything at Target is all bright and pretty and calling out “Heyyyyyy” when you walk past it. But that salmon and gold thing was hiddie. Don’t do it! But that’s also the great thing about BuJo – you can go totally minimalist like Ryder Carroll set it up or you can get all creative with it. Mine is a combo of both. And I’m a total Leuchtturm 1917 B5 dotted soft cover. I like it LARGE! Goulet Pens and JB Welly have the best selection. Amazon is hit or miss. I was listening to this podcast last night (Living Homegrown) and it was all about 7 steps to getting more done and organized and I realized half way through that almost every tip she had, I was already doing it my BuJo. It was one of those “Yeah, i got this!” moments.

    That’s my Wednesday morning BuJo rant. And yeah, flying sucks nowadays. I try to fly Virgin America whenever I can since they don’t make me feel like cattle. And I have their credit card so I get to board first. PRIORITY! LOL Oh, and figure out a month to Whole30 and I’ll do it with you. There is ALWAYS something getting in the way and no, you can’t have a cheat day and this is why I’ve been putting it off two years even though I bought the book at Costco and joined a FB page, etc, etc.. Cuz sometimes you just need to come home and have a whiskey of some sort. I can give up sugar, but whiskey, mmmmmmmaybe.

    • Tracy

      you work for a planner/calendar company??? what do you get to do there? oh man…the temptation would be so strong for me! i have a hard time following through and using my calendar/planner for a whole year. I think I historically give up after 3 months. I think my longest stretch was 6 months.

      and yes…whiskey… big problem for me too because MONDAYS ARE HARD.

      • Shawna

        Director of Operations for 11 years now. It is the perfect job for a lazy type A like myself since we’re a small company so I’m involved in almost everything, except picking out art but I leave that to our experts. I am surrounded by uber organized people so it really is the best place ever. And I get to look at pretty art and inspirational quotes all day AND work from home. I couldn’t ask for a better place. Plus if I get tired of one planner, I get to switch for free!

  • Brandi

    Yes, yes, yes to doing a Whole30. I’m currently on my third round in the past 16 months. It’s a life changer. I woke up one morning and said “something needs to start changing” and began that day and never looked back. Will a wedding be hard? Sure. Just make sure it’s in week 3 or 4 and you’ll be fine.Is figuring out the social and restaurant situation hard at first? Yes, but just at first. Will you be forced to deal with sh*t instead of using food and drink? 100%. But I truly believe it’s one of the best things you can do for your mind and body. I hope you decide to go for it! And there’s so much support out there for when you do!

  • Michelle

    I’m starting a Whole 30 Sept 6 (it will be my third). I think they’re pretty amazing and there is a whole September Whole 30 hashtag thing on Instagram- lots of accountability this month. It’s…challenging…when you go places like restaurants and weddings and parties-but totally doable with a little planning!

  • andrea

    gah. I wish we would have talked bullet journals when I was there. I want to bullet journal. like, I really want to bullet journal. so right up my alley. but I’m overwhelmed with choices, with how to start and then I think, will it trigger my self-imagined list-making OCD? maybe. see, we so should have talked about this.

    • Tracy

      i know i know I KNOW!!! WHY DIDN’T WE??!!! I bet your bullet journal would be super duper awesome.

  • Jessica

    Yes, do Whole 30! I decided on my way to work this morning that I was going to do it in September and I would love to have your recipes/amazing meal prep and planning ideas to follow.

  • Lizzie

    Yup, flying is officially awful now. The one ray of light (besides biscoff cookies) is free booze on some Alaska Airlines flights. I flew from Seattle to Portland recently and found out they serve local beer and wine gratis on those 45-minute trips between Northwest cities (Seattle-Portland, Seattle-Pasco, etc.). The flight is so short you kinda have to chug your drink out of its plastic cup, but hey, it’s something.

    • Tracy

      Wow! That’s pretty cool. Remind me to fly from Seattle to Portland someday!

  • Libby

    I am so here for this stream of consciousness post, man. Congrats on the whole can of club soda. 🙂

  • Danielle

    I really love these posts Tracy! Vent away! Thank you for telling us about Chimoclock. I’m going to look into that. I have a time management problem myself : )
    And I’m with you on on the whole charging for checked bags situation. That changed everything. At least you scored a full can of club soda. That never happens to me! ♥

  • Jessica

    I need that chimeo’clock! It doesn’t appear to be available though and I would love to join a whole30 group if you decide to do it! Thanks for all the great ideas and links!

  • Scarlett

    I’ve only ever been able to make it through a Whole, like…..7. It makes you feel so good though, even if you can only do it for a few days. It’s worth it I think. I’m sure everyone loved Peaceful Piano. I would have. I’m currently struggling with feeling uninspired yet craving a creative outlet. I am usually a drawer of things, and lately when I sit down to draw anything I get frustrated and impatient when things don’t come out right in the first 5 minutes. Which is obviously never, even during my most inspired times. I almost want to try something completely out of my comfort zone, like playing an instrument (piano!!!!), or pottery. Happy September!

  • N. Rogers

    Just heard about Whole30 today. It is hard core! Don’t think I could get 30 days…

  • Lynn

    Loved reading this!!

    Super wish I could bullet journal – it speaks to me on so many levels but I can’t wrap my head around where to start….

    I too love it when an airline gives you a whole can – feels like such a win!

  • Lisa

    I love this post. Like really love this post hard. I feel the same way about pinterest lately. Im so over it right now because everything IS looking the same. Even the recipes…and I love recipes! ugh. I wonder if we sometimes get information overload? Even something that should be simple like picking out a planner. Too many options, to much research and by the time you buy the “perfect” planner? or in my case the “perfect” tea pot, another 12 have been made thats better! Exhausting! Of course all this ranting and irritation could be because I recently started the whole 30/paleo/blah blah blah and I NEED CARBS! NEEEEEEED LOL

  • Laine

    Most favorite post here! I flew yesterday and I am feeling you big time, like what did those people do to deserve ruby platinum chromium status? I just got back from vacation (see said flight) and felt my eating spiraling out of vacation mode to beyond indulgent. I actually decided to start #whole30 last night, I hid all my goodies and am 2 meals in so far. I hope you take the leap too, its so much easier to do it when you see someone else is doing it too. Hopefully I’ll be back in a month chock full o’veggies instead of all the carbs and sweets.

  • Lindsay

    +1 on the Whole30. I’ve been putting it off too! I’ve also gotten like 10-12 days in and thrown in the towel due to some sort of event. Or Friday night.

  • Paula

    Love this post Tracy! I feel like we are all feeling all the feelings now that summer is coming to an end and it feels like it is time for fresh starts.

    Currently I am….
    – labelling everything in my classroom with sharpies (duo-tangs, folders, stuff that doesn’t really need a label but I can’t resist)
    – eagerly anticipating my new students and also nervous to make a good impression on that first day
    – still drinking all the coffee
    – sad that I can no longer read all the books with summer ending….and the pile on my nightstand continues to pile up with library books

    I hear you on that instagram algorithm though I am kind of into the stories. Love your kitchen cats posts!

  • Erica

    Oh goodness I really need the laugh you just gave me when I got to the part about your headphones not being plugged in. That is so freaking hilarious!

  • Alisa

    I have had the Whole 30 book for a year plus… I keep thinking “next month!”
    Apparently I can’t quit that cream in my coffee or wine. Let’s be honest. The cream is the least of my concerns; I can’t quit sourdough bread and gin & tonics. Workdays are hard!

    • Tracy

      You are so speaking my language. I am on Pinterest right now looking at bulletproof coffee thinking ugggggggh. I gotta whip out my blender in the morning??!! The bread will probably be the hardest part for me. I love toast. Like….LOVE TOAST.

      • Danielle

        Nutpods!! You both need Nutpods creamer. It doesn’t replace the sweet, but the mouthfeel is similar to having cream in your coffee.

      • Alisa

        Yes! To the toast AND the bulletproof coffee. Exactly.
        I barely function pre-coffee and I’m somehow supposed to combine ingredients in a blender and avoid spewing hot liquid around my kitchen? This gives me nightmares.

        And I’m sorry, there is no Whole 30 granola (and I use the word ‘granola’ loosely because it’s basically just nuts) will ever compare to sourdough toast, avocado and a poached egg. There is no contest.

        Sigh. We are going to succumb and do this, aren’t we?

        • Tracy

          We are going to do it. I think I will start after the wedding but now I gotta figure out when the best to start is. DANGIT IT THIS IS WHY I HAVEN’T DONE IT YET. 30 days is a lot.

  • Danielle

    YES to Whole30!! I did my first one from mid-March to mid-April this year. When I read the book, I thought to myself, “I need this, but I have too many events coming up!”. From March, the first time I could come up with that there would be 30 days in my life without any events was July – way too long!! So, I decided to just do it and get through the events. I went on a girls’ trip and to Nashville with my husband (both events which would usually involve drinking/eating lots) during my first 30 and I made it! It was even more empowering because I was able to stay on plan during those events. Kombucha in a wine glass helps. Whole30 has completely changed the way I eat and feel and I highly recommend it!

    P.S. That whole headphones thing is one of my biggest fears! At least it was peaceful music!

  • Theodora

    I’ve been pondering Whole30 also. If you want to start a Whole30 group you will have a tons of people join, including me. It is always easier to start a health reset with friends. As for bulletproof coffee, you can use your milk frother to emulsify the ingredients, it works like a charm. https://www.amazon.com/Aerolatte-Original-Electric-Frother-Satin/dp/B0002KZUNK

  • Arina

    I love everything about this post, particularly the outpouring of emotion because you are stuck on a plane…for hours. Yes to whole 30. Yes to good, freshly ground coffee that you want to drink without milk (my personal favorite is Joe Van Gogh-Turtle blend). And Rebeca, for what it is worth from a stranger-sending good thoughts and best wishes your way. Stay strong.

  • Kristina

    I was supposed to start WHOLE 30 September 6th but I have to shoot at a winery in Italy in 2 weeks so I think I am going to wait until mid month. The temptation would be too great- and you only live once! But I am definitely doing it this month. It will be my first time- hope you decide to do it too.

  • Jillian

    This is basically everything.

  • Brooke

    Loving these posts. I too like millions of tiny rainbows in my house, and have a crystal suncatcher collection started. I may or may not have even had one in my car until I was told it was illegal to do so…oops.

  • Kristen R.

    Thank you for this stream of consciousness post. I really enjoyed just getting a peak into your thoughts and it brightened my day to know I’m not alone with days and experiences akin to this. Love your blog – you inspire.

  • fusilliamy

    I love how these posts bring out all the comments! So many good ideas and encouragement for Whole 30. I’ve been wanting to do it for so long but then I think, why do I really want to do this and end up talking myself out of it because I don’t think anyone should be around me if I’m not eating cheese on a regular basis because well, I get real mean. I’ve also been secretly wanting you to start it so I can follow along and know that I’m not the only one freaking out over toast. So please do it!! We’re all counting on you, Tracy. No presh 😛

    I’m also chuckling at the thought of your plane mates hearing Peaceful Piano but seeing your headphones in and thinking she has no idea….

  • Shannan

    I was so psyched to do the Whole30 recently – menu planned, read, pinned recipes, shopped,.but I feel like I overdid it in the planning and actually got so anxious about it that I didn’t go ahead. I’m thinking of doing a trial version where I follow the foods list but won’t stress if my bacon is not the right one or if my almond milk has some stevia. I know that won’t count but I fell like it’s a start!

    • Tracy

      Baby steps! I think the big thing is getting rid of the carbs/gluten/dairy. Which is hard enough!! You gotta find what works for your body and celebrate the big accomplishments like going 30 days without milk in your coffee. Would it be worse if you had a glass of wine or had almond milk that has a bit of stevia in it? Choose your battles. But who am I to say anything? I’ve never done a Whole 30!!

  • Sarah

    Whole30 is truly life changing! I’ve done two rounds. It feels good to take control of one aspect of your life. Other things follow.

  • Jen

    Instagram & Pinterest are KILLING me. It’s like they’ve forgotten what their purpose is or what it was that kept us coming back. I really with Instragram would make an option to see things in order. Plus stop showing me things twice. I’d tolerate some ads if they could please just put things in order again. Pinterest is a whole other problem. I don’t want to see things I pinned years ago back when you had to know somebody to get in! I liked this post from you a lot! Exactly how I feel when I’m flying and seat is leaned back into me.

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