June 24, 2016

I love lists

I LOVE LISTS // shutterbean

Welcome to I LOVE LISTS FRIDAY! Let’s surf the internet together:

  1. The Intentional Summer
  2. These croutons sound AMAZING
  3. I am so impressed by this project/design/website. I want this VAN!
  4. The State of the Domestic Goddess. (I miss Nigella)
  5. Getting comfortable with saying NO.
  6. On keeping the illusion of Disney alive.
  7. I want to make coconut bacon.
  8. Packing for one week away.
  9. How could you not notice all the innuendos in kid’s shows? I’m on high alert!
  10. I freaking love camping hacks even though I don’t go camping.
  11. The cutest flag project. I want this on my wall!
  12. Summer Goal: Host Outdoor Movie Night
  13. To eat: Blueberry Slab Pie + Funnel Cake
  14. Stalking this website...curious about professional organizers! These ones are local.
  15. I love Aaron Sorkin- THIS LOOKS RAD!
  16. My spirit vegetable is a Chioggia Beet
  17. One person’s obsession with healthy living blogs.
  18. For bloggers wanting to know how much to charge, here’s a formula.
  19. Starting to take yoga classes online. My maj introduced me to this site.
  20. 2016 is the year of the Mac N’ Cheetos. AHHHH.

Things that caught my eye:

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